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Jody is a pathological liar, thief, and "street kid" that Cameron Phillips met during her stay in a holding cell.

Season Two

Released together, Jody spied Cameron's roll of cash and determined to attach herself to the disoriented Cameron in order to take her for everything she could. Jody kept up a constant stream of lies and half truths about her origins working to form a bond with Cameron. When her pimp challenged them in a fast food joint, accusing Jody of stealing his laptop, she initially denies then confesses to the theft, taking a beating in the process. Cameron, damaged and acting erratic still, remained locked in an infiltration protocol, and paid off the man with her entire bankroll.

Still sure that "Allison" [1] would provide a means for easy money, Jody escorted her to a shelter, and advised her to lie her way through the interview with the resident counselor. Bonding in the room while Cameron used her makeup skills to hide Jody's injuries, she mistook Cameron's skills as practice hiding abuse and softened a bit, giving her the necklace Cameron had admired earlier.

Later that evening, Jody brought Cameron along to a house that she claimed she used to babysit at. Easily gaining access when Cameron broke the door and opening the concealed safe, Cameron, rapidly resuming her correct personality and demeanor, deduces that Jody has been lying to her and starts demanding the truth. Folding under the threat, Jody admits that the house was the home she ran away from and that the silent alarm was tripped. Cameron, in a fugue flashing between her memories of the future interrogation of Allison Young and her confrontation with Jody, determines that Jody was trying to leave her to take the blame for the thefts and began to strangle her.

After Cameron dropped a still and unresponsive Jody in a heap on the floor, John burst in and checked on Jody, asking if Cameron had killed her. Unlike her model progenitor, Jody was merely choked into unconsciousness, and as she resumed breathing with a rasping gasp, Cameron, indifferently replies "Apparently not," as she stalks out of the house.

When Cromartie tracked Cameron to the halfway house where she was finally entered into the system as a potential dangerous individual, Jody gladly identifies her in the photos, and even offers up John Connor's current alias as her "brother" John Baum. Accepting Cromartie's request to accompany him on the hunt, she continues to prod Cromartie with questions, almost mirroring the T2 John's attempts to bond with his terminator, even giving unsolicited advice on ways to improve his personality and get more out of people, hoping to be on hand for whatever revenge Cromartie takes on "Miss She-bitch". When her usefulness to his hunt ends, Cromartie violently ejects her from his car, leaving her dazed in the street.

Behind the Scenes

  • Jody was portrayed by Leah Pipes.


Jody: So what are you in for?
Cameron: I was in a store... And I couldn't remember anything.
Jody: Blackouts. Been there, done that.
Cameron: Can tattoos disappear?
Jody: Sure. Got two of my ex's lasered off. Ryan was... right here. And Jose... ha... was here. Next time I'm thinking henna.
Cameron: Henna?
Jody: (laughs) I'm Jody.
Cameron: I'm... Allison.

Cop: (at the police station property desk) Store owner's not pressing charges. I don't wanna see you back here. And you...I'm sick of you. (The drawer reveals Cameron's bankroll) This is your last get out of jail free.
Jody: Hey, where you headed?
Cameron: I don't know.
Jody: Good.
Cameron: Why good?
Jody: 'Cause you're comin' with me

Cameron: So much food.
Jody: I know. We're totally puking later. But whatever. It's an occasion.
Cameron: I like your necklace.
Jody: It's cool, huh? I got it from this awesome thrift store in Echo Park. So... Two years ago, when I moved here from Michigan, I had this internship at a storefront in Chinatown. The designer was this total druggie. And when I finally called him out on what stuck up and talentless bitch he was, I got fired from my unpaid job. That's when I started crashing with people and doing, you know, whatever... For money... Which got sketchy real quick. Especially in L.A. The city is like a freak magnet. You'd look really pretty in this. (a car screeches to a halt outside, the driver leaps out shouting)
Angry guy: Hey Jody!
Jody: We should bounce.
Angry guy: How much you get for it, you crazy bitch?
Jody: I don't know what you're talking about.
Angry guy: Oh gee, I don't know, maybe my laptop, the one with all the stuff on it?
Jody: I didn't take your laptop, dude.
Angry guy: Weird. It just disappeared the same day you left.
Jody: OK, look — (Jody takes a fist straight to the face)
Angry guy: (looking at Cameron) Who are you, huh? You a little thief too? Huh?
Cameron: (Cameron wilts against the gate and shoves her bankroll at him) Just take it. Go! Please just go!
Angry guy: Next time I see you, you better have me something!
Jody: All I'm saying is sometimes you gotta take a punch once in a while in order to keep the cash-- that was a lot of cash.

Jody: I used to babysit for this family five years ago. They were loaded.
Cameron: You said you moved here two years ago from Michigan.
Jody: They usually hide a key here somewhere. Sweet! You are jacked, girl.
Cameron: Look for cash and jewelry.
Jody: Check this out. Saw the lady open it. I memorized the... combination. Just put it all in the bag.
Cameron: What are these?
Jody: Whatever. Just put 'em back.
Cameron: They're the same as the necklace you gave me.
Jody: Because I stole it when I worked here.
Cameron: You said, "I got it at this awesome thrift store in Echo Park." Tell me about the necklace.
Jody: Why are you making such a big deal out of this?
Cameron: Tell me about the necklace.
Jody: I didn't buy it or steal it, okay? It's mine. This is... my parents' house.
Cameron: You lied to me.

Jody: Would it kill you to try and make a little conversation?
Cromartie: No, it wouldn't kill me.
Jody: Funny. You're funny. In your own sort of cop way.
Cromartie: I'm not a cop.
Jody: You're not a cop. You're not an uncle. You're just some guy who wants to kick the crap out of little miss bitch and her brother.
Cromartie: Just some guy.
Jody: But why? She try to kill you too?
Cromartie: Yes.
Jody: Well, this is gonna be fun.

Jody: This is stupid. Just take me back to the halfway house. Did you hear me? I am done hanging out with a creepy stalker. I don't even know your name. Just came with you because I wanted to get back at that bitch. And I thought you were kind of cute.

But you know what? you're not cute. You're freakin' Silence of the Lambs. This is kidnapping. You know that, right? I could have you arrested. (Cromartie brakes) What are you doing? Why are we stopping? (Jody is thrown out the car) Freak!


Q: Is Jody related to George Laszlo?
A: Most probably, no. Cromartie goes to the halfway house looking for Cameron, and Jody recognizes the photo he is showing. Jody decides to help Cromartie to get back at Cameron for attacking her in "Allison from Palmdale".



  1. Damaged Cameron began accessing memories of her first infiltration mission, where she was responsible for interrogating the human she would replace in the resistance, Allison Young, from Palmdale. She mistook these infiltration protocols as her own memories and claimed to be "Allison".

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