Justin Tuck

Justin Tuck was an employee at ZeiraCorp a fast growing high tech company that specializes in automated systems and computer software programming.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 2

With the death of her husband, the now sole President and CEO Catherine Weaver in a surprising cold, unknown, and unannounced move embarked upon a brash new project called "Babylon" throwing a tsunami change across the whole corporate organizational structure, upending existing budgets, timetables, and resource allocations, leaving operational department head managers uncertain and in the dark. With his key department already under stress from existing commitments and deadlines, and now expected to trip blindly into this new Babylon project without any guidance, support, or any measure of control, Justin Tuck becomes defensive and disapproved of Catherine Weaver taking key members of divisions to start the Babylon Division. He was killed when Weaver impaled his head with her finger after his complaint in the lavatory.

Behind the Scenes

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