Kimberley Duncan (born in 1977) was the Director of Community Relations and Media Control for Cyberdyne Systems. While giving an introduction to the guests, she was interrupted by a message by John Connor and Sarah Connor. She turned the message off and continued her presentation. She was interrupted once again just before a T-1000 arrived and killed her. In 1988-1990, Kimberly Duncan was a dancer of Kids Incorporated - Seasons 5-6.

Behind the Scenes

  • Duncan is portrayed by various Universal Studios female park employees, so her physical appearance and voice changes. However, whoever portrays her always wears a pink dress shirt and a nametag.
  • One actress who played Kimberley is known to have played minor roles in shows such as HBO's Enlightened, and in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
  • In the Universal Studios Japan version of the attraction, she is known as Reika Ayanokoj.


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