Koster (left) with Kowalski (right).

Koster was an African-American woman that was a member of the Megaforce mercenary group in the year 2000. She was one of the many soldiers hired to protect the research team in Venice, Italy as they investigated the pollution.

While scouting out the complex with fellow soldier Kowalski, she was attacked and captured by a biomechanical monster, which took her to be cocooned. It is presumed that she either mutated into a creature herself, or perished when the complex self-destructed from Samuel Fuller's sabotage.


Koster is hot-blooded and arrogant, as well as very cocky and quick to anger. She exhibits signs of prejudice towards Italians, particularly fellow Megaforce operative Franzini, who in turn shows distaste in her for being African-American.


  • Koster: "Alright, ya buncha pussies! I'm back, and I'm kickin' ass!"
  • Koster: (inspects a SPAS-12) "What's regiment toys?"

Behind the scenes

Koster is portrayed in the unofficial film Terminator II, by Geretta Field.

She is heavily modeled after Aliens characters Sgt. Apone and Pvt. Vasquez, the latter of whom was portrayed by another Terminator actress, Jenette Goldstein.

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