SCC 107 maria shipkov

Maria Shipkov

Maria Shipkov was a Russian ballet teacher, and the sister of Dmitri Shipkov. She and Dmitri were apparently killed by Russian thugs, after Dmitri was unable to raise enough money to pay his debts to smugglers who helped him bring his sister into the United States. "The Demon Hand"

Maria briefly taught Cameron Phillips in a beginner's level ballet class. "The Demon Hand"

Behind the Scenes


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


Cameron: (watching a ballerina practice) What is she doing?
Maria: Pas de Chat. Step of the cat.
Cameron: Will you show me?
Maria: That is the advanced class. You are a beginner, ya? (Cameron dances and mimics the ballerina)
Maria: You have taken ballet before?
Cameron: No.
Maria: The height is nice. Beautiful feet, but your upper body is little mechanical, ya? Remember, you are a cat.
Cameron: I'm a cat.
Maria: Come next week. We need to develop your flexibility and your... imagination. Remember, dance is the hidden language of the soul, ya?

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