Max Barking at the T-1000

Max was originally the pet dog of Sarah Connor and John Connor and presumably was the Alsatian dog (German Shepherd) in the background of Sarah's Polaroid snapshot.


The Terminator

Sarah obtained Max at a certain point before she acquired the jeep that took her to Mexico.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

When John was sent to live with Todd and Janelle Voight, he took the 12-year old Max with him. Though, they wanted John to get rid of him, but he refused.

When John called home to warn the Voights, Max, recognizing "Janelle" as a Terminator imposter, barked furiously. John therefore feared that the T-1000 was already at the house, and asked the T-800 at his side about this. The T-800 then proceeded to speak with the T-1000 over the phone, imitating John's voice. After learning the dog's real name Max from John, he asked "Janelle" why Wolfie was barking. "Janelle" failed to recognize that the name was incorrect, assuring that "Wolfie" was just fine. Thus the T-1000 inadvertently gave away that it was not the real Janelle. The T-800 immediately hung up and informed John that his foster parents were dead.

The dog collar reads Max instead of Wolfy.

A bloody collar that reads "Max" instead of "Wolfie"

In the other end, the T-1000 morphed back to its default form. It proceeded to go outside and kill Max. The T-1000 then read Max's name on his bloody collar and, seeing that his name was not Wolfie, realized that the T-800 had tricked him.

Behind the Scenes

  • "Wolfie" was the name of James Cameron's German Shepherd. Wolfie can be seen in The Terminator barking at the Terminator when it enters the motels parking lot.
  • Max's death is only featured in the Director's Cut edition of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.