The Megaforce is a mercenary organization that was active in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. They wear black-and-orange combat gear with helmets, and carry SPAS-12 shotguns. It is unknown what country the Megaforce originated from, but they appear to employ members from both the United States of America and Italy, implying that is international.

In 2000, they were hired to protect a research team sent to Venice, Italy to investigate the intense toxicity polluting the city's atmosphere.

A squad was sent down into an underground complex beneath the city, where they believe the pollution was stemming from. Gradually, the team was wiped out by biomechanical monsters created by the Tubular Corporation's scientific experiments.


Megaforce soldiers (right)

Known members

Behind the scenes

The Megaforce are named after the 1982 film of the same name, and are heavily modelled in terms of role, appearance, and personality after the United States Colonial Marines from the Alien film series.

The primary weapon of the Megaforce is the SPAS-12, which was one of the firearms used in The Terminator by the titular character.

Since they have only appeared in the unofficial 1990 film Terminator II, and have not been mentioned in any official material before or since this film, the Megaforce is considered non-canon.

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