"Metal" is a slang term used by the Resistance to describe a Hunter-Killer, such as Terminator and Infiltrator.

Resistance soldiers normally refer to machines by their series number, such as T-888; when they are upset or frustrated, they often use the word "metal" as a pejorative to express their contempt or distaste.


  • The term is akin to the term "Jerry" for Germans during the World War II or "Charlie" for Viet Cong forces in the Vietnam War.


(John sits in a chair with a gun in his hand, resting on his thigh)
John: If you pretend not to know me, I might shoot you in the head. We owe Riley the truth, don't you think? (John stands up) We owe the dead that much.
Jesse: You're John Connor.
John: Yes I am.
Jesse: Where is she? The metal?

Jesse: I've told you.
Cameron: You've told me nothing useful. Your actions have resulted in the loss of a T-888 and one of most important strategic assets. The submarine is irreplaceable.
Jesse: The trip-eight, the sub. You forgot the people. You never mentioned the people who died. Ever.
Cameron: Yes, the people. And the box.
Jesse: We opened the damn box. Hell came out of it! How many times do we have to go over this?
Cameron: Until you give me the answer.
Jesse: Not you. Take me to Connor.
Cameron: You can tell me.
Jesse: No. The liquid metal thing inside the box, it came to me before we escaped. And it gave me a message for John Connor. For him. Not for you.
Cameron: Telling me is the same as telling John.
Jesse: Heh. Dietze was right. Who the hell is running this war? What the hell are we fighting for if telling you is the same thing as telling Connor?! You're a damn machine! You're not the same! It's not the same! Fine. To hell with you. You tell John Connor that the metal monster said the answer is no.

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