The Mission of the USS Jimmy Carter was the final mission undertaken by the Resistance Submarine Jimmy Carter. It began in the remains of the United States of America, when John Connor himself ordered it on a classified mission that not even it's XO was privy to. It soon ended in disaster when crew paranoia took over due to an escaped Series 1001 Terminator, forcing its first officer, Jesse Flores to scuttle the sub.

The Mission

The final voyage of the Jimmy Carter began what everyone --including the sub's XO, Jesse Flores-- believed to be a resupply mission to Perth, Australia. However, along the way, --or perhaps prior to the launch-- John Connor himself ordered the sub's CO, Queeg to divert to an oil rig somewhere in the ocean to intercept an important package. This deception had been so subtle and discreet, due to the missions classification, that Jesse Flores only happened to discover by noticing the Jimmy Carter's actual position after the sub had barely avoided contact with a Kraken. Upon requesting information on why the sub had changed course, Queeg had informed her that John Connor himself had ordered a classified mission that was considered of great importance to the war effort.

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