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A Nanotechnological Transjector is an advanced tool utilized by the T-X to manipulate independent machines.

In T-X's case, transjectors retract the mimetic polyalloy skin from the index finger of the right hand, allowing a 1.6 mm diameter titanium alloy drill bit to emerge from their fingertips. They are then used to drill into the casing of any electronic system, and narrow, blue lights flow through the tiny drill bit, transferring a stream of nanobots (microscopically-tiny robots) into the system. In a matter of milliseconds, a T-X unit can connect with the electronic system and reprogram it, controlling it by direct link or ultra-high frequency contact via a downlink with any military communications satellites under Skynet's control.

In this way, a T-X unit can take control of any machine (at least four at once, using its heads up display), including such things as electronic locks, automobiles or even other battle units. If it chooses to take over another battle unit, such as a T-850, the T-X can corrupt the Terminator’s systems, leaving its CPU intact but leaving it unable to control its other functions, such as mobility.


  • The T-X is the first Terminator seen on film that demonstrated this ability to control other machines.
  • It is unknown if the T-X Series could control battle units like the T-800 or T-1000 Series with Nanotechnologica Transjectors.

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