After sending Kyle to the past, John knows he has more work to do. To preserve the time line he has lived all his life, he needs to send a T-800 back to protect himself at age 10. Previously, the Resistance managed to infect all Terminators in hive mode, but there are still Terminators which are in rogue mode. After they enter the facility with T-800 Infiltrators, they manage to swap the cpu on one of the Rerminators, but if they activate it again, they may wake the other Rerminators as well. Meanwhile, the T-1000, impersonating Griffith, enters Danny's office and starts downloading Skynets sourcecode and leaves. As feared, all the other T-800s are activated also and they again start fighting — man against machine. Suddenly the reprogrammed Terminator starts fighting along with the humans, and they are able to overcome the other Terminators. Finally they are able to send away the T-800 back also.


Resistance Skynet

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