"Judgment Day" is a reality. The survivors of the nuclear holocaust on August 29, 1997 have stayed underground for years to get cover from the radiation.


John and Sarah Connor, Tarissa Dyson with her children Danny and Blythe, former detective David Mossberg are watching the ruined city of Los Angeles. A small group of people are running to them while two Terminators, the "children of Skynet", are chasing them. They are able to take the first down fast. John succeeds in taking down the last Terminator by sneaking behind, taking the risk of jumping on it, planting a bomb on it and running away. They run and hide from the HK-Aerial.

Much later, in year 2029, adult John Connor is in command of the Resistance. He is currently receiving status from Bravo Co, a group of soldiers on their mission to catch a functioning T-800. They report a "frozen" Terminator just in front of them. Back at the headquarters they record a power dip from Skynet, which seems to put all Terminators in hive mode off line for a moment. John Connor is concerned about this as he recalls that Sarah Connor told him about this power dip. She once got it from Kyle Reese a long time ago. As Bravo Co are trying to cut the power line, the power comes back again and all are killed.

Out of despair and lack of motivation, John Connor visits Danny Dyson, as he sometimes does when things get rough. While they are gone, Samuel and Griffith want to check out what Danny "really" does behind closed doors. While they trust John Connor, they seem to doubt Danny because he is the son of Miles Dyson, who was responsible for Skynet's creation. On Danny's computer, they find out Skynet's sourcecode is on this computer and they suspect that Danny is working for the machines.


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