Samuel and Griffith are able to check Danny's computer and find Skynet's sourcecode on it. Sammy is completely sure Danny is the bad guy and trying to recreate Skynet. Out of fear they run out of the room as they are called on their next mission.


Colonel Mossberg are about to gather the soldiers while the two last soldiers arrive, Samuel and Griffith are joining Reynosa, Crain, Williams and Kyle Reese. As the team Bravo Co failed at retrieving a functioning Terminator, they have to complete this mission. John Connor realizes that Kyle Reese has been selected to be on this dangerous mission. He quickly decides to not let him go on this mission so as not to jeopardize his own "past". John needs Reese to be alive for another mission. John Connor is informed that another power dip has just occurred. At another location we see two Terminators heading for the time displacement facility deep underground and watch a T-800 Infiltrator disappear. John has several people working to discover the secret of time travel as well. He knows he somehow has to figure it out to send Kyle and a T-800 back to protect Sarah and himself in the past. While they have a breakthrough in discovering the formula to use the time machine, a third power dip is reported. Meanwhile, the team that is going out to get an intact Terminator suddenly realizes that Kyle Reese has secretly persuaded another team member to stay behind instead of himself. Luckily they discover yet another "frozen" Terminator due to the recent power dip and immediately start working on how to disable it. While doing this, they are discovered by an HK-Aerial. Most of the soldiers are killed except Reese, who is badly hurt, while Griffith is walking around looking for survivors. Also badly hurt, Griffith is picked up by the Terminator and stares into its eyes.


Resistance Skynet

Continuity notes

  • The story is linked to the film The Terminator as a T-800 is sent to the past.


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