Out on a mission to get an intact T-800, Kyle Reese and Griffith have been badly hurt while all the other members have been killed. While looking for other survivors, Reese must hide from a Centurion searching for humans. John Connor finds out about Reese being missing, and immediately sends out rescue teams.

Out in the field, Reese is able to disable a T-800 before he is found by the rescue team. Griffith is transported by Terminators to a hidden facility. Skynet is interrogating him with two T-1000s to find out about John Connor's plan. Just before he is killed, one prepares to time travel, while the other T-1000 takes the shape of Griffith. Finally having the Terminator, Danny Dyson swaps out the old cpu with a reprogrammed CPU. After many years of work, Danny has programed a virus that is to be implanted into the Terminator found by Reese, which they call "rusty". Their plan is to infect all Terminators with this virus.

Team Omega Platoon is prepared for a highly secret mission to escort this Terminator to Skynets mainframe complex in Cheyenne Mountains. As Jude and Raphael, together with the other team members, reach Skynet's complex, they are facing another group trying to destroy the T-800. This special T-800 is joining other Terminators. It now starts an insane fight between two resistance teams, one to protect the T-800 and the other to destroy it.


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