Jude has just witnessed Raphael being badly hurt by another team, but now they are facing the other Terminators. Jude is able to activate the special T-800 by saying a phrase before they are both killed.


Kyle Reese is being taken cared of at the infirmary, unaware of what his destiny is. John Connor wonders if he ever will volunteer for his last mission he has so long prepared for. Meanwhile, he is preparing the technician and gather what they need to send Kyle Reese to the past. Unaware of if the virus did work, they are heading to the facility where the time machine is located.

On the road, they face HK-Aerials, destroying several of their vehicles. One last power dip is recorded as they enter the facility. Skynet just sent back three Terminators: two T-800 and one T-1000. At the same moment Danny's special T-800 just uploaded the virus, and it starts to spread. The virus takes effect just in time to save them from attacking Terminators. John declares that a final mission must be completed. Kyle Reese volunteers himself and they send him back in time. While they were able to infect Skynet with the virus and disable all the Terminators in hive mode, those in rogue mode were still out there. The war against the machines was still on. The T-1000, who killed and impersonating Griffith, shows up at the headquarters.


Resistance Skynet

Continuity notes

  • The story is linked to the film The Terminator as a Kyle Reese is sent to the past.


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