The T-800 Terminator is powered by an nuclear power cell (or nuclear-energy cell), located in the same approximate position as a human's heart, and is shielded in a case-hardened subassembly inside the triple-armored Hyperalloy torso.[1]

The cell could supply enough power to run the lights of a small city for a day and could allow a T-800 to operate at full power for twenty-four hours per day for 1,095 days.[1]

It could last significantly longer than this if the unit dropped off-line into economy mode. In this mode, power was cut to 40 percent of nominal function.[1]

Compact energy sinks collected and stored excess energy for later use, optical systems switched to infra-red only and motivation units lost 40 percent of hydraulic pressure as the pumps slowed. Combat situations notwithstanding, the T-800 has a functional period of 120 years on one power cell.[1]


  • The T-800 of version 2.4 has a functional period of 120 years on one power cell under normal condition.[2]
  • The T-900 is also powered by nuclear power cell.[3]


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