Nurse Hobson was a cyborg who manifested in Sarah Connor's dreams. According to the plot of the dream, Hobson was assigned the task of running a sleep clinic and mapping human brainwaves as part of a Skynet research project into the human psyche.

Season Two

Nurse Hobson first appeared to Sarah upon her waking up inside the dream. For all intents and purposes, she was a typical nurse doing her job, but after witnessing her inject a patient whilst they were asleep, Sarah grew suspicious of Hobson and followed her down to the clinic basement. Following the accidental immolation of Sarah's roommate, Hobson attempted to sedate Sarah by having her swallow some pills, but Sarah spat them out once she was alone.

Hobson later visited Sarah in her sleep and injected her with a muscle relaxant, sometime after which Sarah was woken by John Connor. Determined to thwart Hobson's experiments, Sarah and John broke into the secret room in the basement where they found brain mapping technology and detailed files on every patient's mind. While performing her rounds, Hobson was informed of Sarah's absence and proceeded immediately to the secret room, finding Sarah seemingly alone there.

Hobson was not fooled by Sarah's claims of sleep-walking and mused that the human mind lights up in the same places when intoxicated as it does when in love, confessing that "we" do not fully understand why humans require dreams. She then attacked Sarah, slamming her against the wall and pinning her to the floor by the throat. Hobson guessed that John was hiding nearby and demanded she call out to him, but Sarah refused, so she kicked her in the face instead.

Hobson then picked up a computer tower and raised it over her head, poised to crush Sarah with it, but was shot three times in the chest by John before she could do so. Sarah took John's gun and examined Hobson's body, placing the gun against her head while she wondered what the cyborg was. Hobson's eyes snapped open and she snatched the gun from Sarah, shooting John twice, killing him. She then got to her feet and shot Sarah in the head, killing her too.

Sarah awoke from her dream after "dying" and returned to reality, Hobson remaining a figment of her imagination. "Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep"


  • It is possible that Nurse Hobson is a human cyborg reminiscent similar to an I-950 from the novel T2: Infiltrator based upon her actions in the episode, such as taunting Sarah, collapsing after only three shots to the torso, playing dead. Whether this was an intentional reference has yet to be confirmed, as she was a creation of Sarah's imagination and existed beyond the realm of reality, and may have just been a standard Terminator.
    • Hobson's wounds were inconsistent with those suffered by Terminators, as they were deep and showed no glimmer of a hyperalloy endoskeleton beneath. This could back up the I-950 theory, as the I-950 is a purely organic Terminator without a combat chassis, but which has been conditioned to be able to heal even the greatest wounds or temporarily "revive" after death, which could explain how Hobson got up after being shot three times.
      • Of course, there may simply be no real explanation for any of this, since this was all part of Sarah's dream.
    • In argument, one may recall, when Cameron collapsed after three or four shots from Cromartie in the classroom from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot episode, however, it has been established that Cameron possesses an endoskeleton, meaning she cannot be an I-950 Infiltrator.
  • Hobson took three shots to the chest in a pattern similar to that of the three dots Sarah has been chasing.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


Colleague: Nurse Hobson, there's a problem in Room 22. No data. Mrs. Baum's electrodes must've slipped off again.
Hobson: Thank you for explaining.

[Hobson finds Sarah in the mapping room]
Hobson: This is a restricted area. How did you get in here?
Sarah Connor: [lying] I don't know. I must've been sleep-walking.
Hobson: [unconvinced] Through a locked door.
Sarah Connor: I'm sorry. I'll go back to my room.
[Sarah moves towards the exit]
Hobson: [blocking the door] Did you know that when a human falls in love the same areas of the brain light up as when a human is intoxicated?
Sarah Connor: What does that have to do with my nightmares?
Hobson: We don't know yet. We don't fully understand why humans need to dream.
Sarah Connor: Humans like you? [Hobson smiles] You drugged me.
[Hobson closes in]
Hobson: What you're experiencing is sleep paralysis. You want to move, but you can't. [Hobson slams Sarah against the wall and pins her to the floor] Believe it or not; your body is actually protecting you right now. [Hobson grabs her by the throat] You were talking to someone when I entered the room. Your boy, the one who came to visit. Call to him.
[Hobson releases her and stands up]
Sarah Connor: I'd die first.
[Sarah tries to get up but Hobson kicks her back down]
Hobson: I'm sure you'd like that. To die. [picks up a computer tower and raises it over her head] It's never that easy.
[John comes out of hiding and shoots Hobson three times]
Sarah Connor: [takes the gun from John] What is this thing?
[Sarah approaches the body]
John Connor: Mom.
[Sarah places the gun against Hobson's head]
Sarah Connor: What are you?
[Hobson's eyes snap open and she takes Sarah's gun and shoots John]
Sarah Connor: John! [rushes to his side] John?
[Hobson gets to her feet and shoots Sarah in the head]

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