The Oil Rig Terminator is a T-600 presumably captured and reprogrammed by the Resistance. In 2027, he was stationed on a deep water oil platform off of the Indonesian archipelago within a major Skynet zone. He was programmed to wait with two T-888 endoskeletons for the USS Jimmy Carter captained by Captain Queeg and Commander Jesse Flores to collect a top secret package and deliver it to Serrano Point.

Season 2

When the Jimmy Carter was making a supply run to Perth, Jesse Flores realized they were hundreds of miles off course, and demanded that Queeg explain why. Queeg revealed that John Connor had ordered him to go to Indonesia to pick up a package from the oil rig.

Lieutenant Dietze and the Special Operations Team boarded the deep water oil platform, where Lieutenant Dietze met the Oil Rig Terminator and two T-888s. "Today Is The Day, Part 1"



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