Pancakes are the source of a running joke in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot episode

John: Listen to me, the cops will never find us. We're safe.
Sarah: Don't you think that John. Don't you ever think that. Look at me. No one is ever safe. Half an hour. One bag. Plus the guns. I'll make pancakes.

"Heavy Metal"

Sarah: So you just wanna walk in there and kick their asses and go for pancakes? It doesn’t work like that. We’re outnumbered.

"The Demon Hand"


Cameron eats a pancake while Derek watches.

Sarah makes Derek sit at the table to eat his pancakes, resulting in him and Cameron staring at each other intensely.

Derek eventually jokes that she must not be hungry either and Cameron replies by eating a pancake, which surprises him. Regardless, he warns her that, though she may have gained the Connors’ trust, he will never trust her.

"Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep"

Cameron picked up a plate of pancakes for John, who commented that the one's she'd made at home were better. It is later revealed that this is a dream sequence.

  • In terms of Jungian Analysis this dream image sequence can be interpreted to mean and show the mother's own personal fear and insecurity regarding her relationship to and with her son, John, and also to show being usurped in her mother's role by the outsider, the Terminator Cameron.

"To the Lighthouse"

Sarah makes pancakes for John and Charley.

Behind the Scenes

  • Near the closing of Season One, out of fears of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles not being renewed, it was proposed by some fans to send boxes of pancake mix to Fox to show support for the show. [citation needed] This has also been proposed following Season 2. [citation needed]

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