Paul Drake was an assistant of Professor Henry Raffelson in the year 2000. He was a Tubular Corporation employee assigned to Shelter 65. He started to undergo mutations due to a failed experiment, became severely crazed, and began attacking his fellow employees.


Paul Drake being interrogated.

He later encountered the Megaforce, and attacked them with a sub-machine gun. He was quickly subdued and interrogated. He mockingly told the mercenaries that they were going to die. When questioned by Commander Dalton Bond, he cryptically replied: "They know you're coming...and they're waiting for you!"

After Dr. Sara Drumble recognized him, he let out a high-pitched wail that stunned and disoriented the soldiers. By the time the wail ceased, he had disappeared, along with Megaforce operative Price. He was never seen again, although it is assumed he mutated into a creature, or perished when the Tubular Plant exploded due to Samuel Fuller's sabotage.

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