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Pre-Judgment Day Missions refer to conflicts that take place before Judgment Day and deal with The War Against The Machines.

List of Pre-Judgment Day Missions

New Timeline (Films)

Skynet Missions

Resistance Missions

A T-800 is sent to 1984 to terminate Sarah Connor. Kyle Reese was sent by Connor to protect his mother. He succeeded. Later in 1994, Sarah Connor attempted to destroy Skynet, but failed. In 1995, her son was targeted by a T-1000. A T-800 was sent by the Resistance to protect John, it succeeded. During the fight, the fighters destroyed the Cyberdyne Systems building, in an attempt to eliminate Judgment Day. In 2004, a T-X was sent to terminate twenty two Resistance lieutenants. On its mission, it found the blood of John Connor and went after him. At the same time, a T-850 was sent to ensure the survival of John Connor and Kate Brewster. The T-X eliminated four of its targets and ensured Judgment Day. The T-850 was successful in saving the two future leaders. The world then has to face The War Against the Machines.

SCC Timeline

Resistance Missions

Skynet Missions

Genisys Timeline

Skynet Missions

Resistance Missions

A T-1000 is sent back to kill Sarah Connor in 1973 when she's nine years old and before she can grow up and give birth to John Connor. While Sarah's parents are killed, an unknown party learns of the assassination attempt and sends a reprogramed T-800 known as the Guardian back to protect her. The two escape the T-1000 and the Guardian protects and raises Sarah. Like in the original timeline, a T-800 is sent back to kill Sarah in 1984 and Kyle Reese follows. However, this time, Sarah and Guardian are waiting and easily deactivate the T-800. They rescue Kyle from the T-1000 and battle it and a reactivated T-800 before deactivating the T-800 once more and destroying the T-1000. Before dissolving the body of the T-800 in acid, its CPU is taken to operate a rough time machine made by Sarah and Guardian to travel forward in time to stop Judgment Day. With the T-800 completely destroyed however, its no longer in 1997 but in 2017 instead which Kyle remembers from a flash of the new timeline he got while being sent back in time. Kyle and Sarah travel to 2017 while Guardian remains behind to prepare as its damaged flesh sheath won't let it make the trip. In 2017, they find that Skynet converted John into a T-3000 and he went back in time to 2014 to ensure Skynet's creation by helping to build and program it. Kyle and Sarah are reunited with Guardian and assault Cyberdyne to destroy Genisys, the new form of Skynet before it can come online. The T-3000 is destroyed in the battle by Guardian using the prototype Time Displacement Equipment's magnetic field and the building is destroyed. Sarah and Kyle survive in a special bunker created by Guardian and are eventually rescued by Guardian who has survived and been upgraded with T-1000-like abilities due to falling in a vat of unprogramed mimetic polyalloy. The three pass the message about Genisys to the young Kyle and believe that they have destroyed Skynet and saved the world. However, while Skynet is prevented from spreading by their efforts and Judgment Day is stopped, Skynet itself survives as its system core survived underground and has become self-aware.

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