Precedence Entertainment is a now defunct trading card company that produced The Terminator Collectible Card Game.

Precedence also licensed other film, TV and video game properties like Babylon 5, Wheel of Time, and Tomb Raider. The company went out of business April 12th 2002.


It is unknown which company Precedence licensed the rights to create "game systems" for the Terminator universe. Upon its liquidation in 2002, Precedence offered to sell its rights to the Terminator game system:

We are also offering the intellectual property rights to the following game systems to any interested parties: Babylon 5 CCG, Wheel of Time CCG, Tomb Raider CCG, Terminator CCG (these do not include any rights to any material owned by licensors; new owner will need to negotiate necessary license rights to produce and distribute product or may apply the game systems to another universe of their own devising or another license).

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