A typical Predator

The Yautja, or the "Predator", are an extraterrestrial species. They are most widely known for their distinctive Cloaking Devices, which allow them to become nearly invisible.

The Predators are an extraterrestrial race whose warrior civilization seems to revolve around the concept of hunting for sport. They are depicted as excellent hunters, who travel from world to world in search of any prey which is a formidable opponent, for no reason other than the challenge and thrill of the hunt. They then stalk and kill their prey using an arsenal of highly advanced weaponry and devices, combining high-tech gadgets such as energy weapons and invisibility cloaking devices, to simplistic tools such as blades and spears, before taking their defeated opponents skulls and spines as a trophy. They have a long and involved history with many species they hunt, including humans and other Xenomorph animals. There are, however, certain customs which the Predators follow, or must follow; they do not kill anyone who is unarmed, sick, or pregnant. If a human is successful in killing at least one Predator in combat, that human would be given a weapon by the Elder Predator, usually the Spear, as a sign of respect for a brother warrior and equal.

Aliens vs. Predator vs. The Terminator comics

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