Project angel

Project Angel was a research program instituted by Serena Kogan, a scientist of Cyberdyne Systems Genetics Division. It focused on cybernetics and the end goal of the project was the creation of the Hybridsmechanical bodies from which humans can continue to live after their natural bodies have died.[citation needed] It was important to Serena Kogan because she had been diagnosed with end stage cancer and was nearing her own death. Marcus Wright was one of the first subjects, having been one of the very first criminals legally allowed to donate his body to science.

In 2018, Skynet resurrected Project Angel under its new name, Project Theta, and used the town of Baker's Hollow as a test site.[1]

Behind the Scenes


Project Angel visitor card

  • Project Angel and the Hybrid were originally the central note of the Terminator Salvation plotline. However, due to a leaked script which received overwhelmingly negative reviews from the fanbase, the idea was scrapped in favour of the final draft.


  1. Terminator Salvation: Trial by Fire

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