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Cadet Pyle is a student at Presidio Alto Military Academy in 2007.


Pyle is seen to be an eager cadet, who seems to believe that war is nothing but "getting kills", showing a side of ignorance and inability to see the scars and hardships of war. However, after Derek Baum reprimanded him with a traumatizing speech after he asked the Resistance soldier how many kills he got, Pyle seemed to have lost his eagerness and was more willing to learn.

He is also seen to have a dishonorable side, as well, not backing up John Baum when he gets a merit for unjamming Pyle's gun.

Season Two

During a target training exercise, Cadet Pyle met John Baum who assisted him with resetting his weapon after it had jammed. This act of kindness resulted in Cadet Baum receiving a demerit on his file, to which Pyle did not comment on. Later he asked his new Tac Officer — Derek Baum — about his war experiences serving as a soldier in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was quickly chastised for his belief that combat was an honorable and exciting thing.

Despite this he participated in the two day training exercise on the outskirts of the school grounds. After the change of mission orders, he signaled ahead that the intruder had been spotted so that his Tac Officer Baum, Cadet Baum, and Martin Bedell could execute the second phase of the mission. "Goodbye to All That"

Behind the Scenes

Pyle is portrayed by Rene Heger.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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