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Reese's Recon
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Reese's Recon was a recon mission led by Derek Reese in 2027 during the The War Against the Machines. Centaurs had been patrolling the area over the bunker that Derek, Kyle Reese, Sayles, and Andy Goode, under the guise of Billy Wisher, stayed, and John Connor ordered them to follow the centaurs to find where they came from.

The Resistance fighters exited the bunker and saw a HK-VTOL fly near by. Moving forward, the squad spotted three endoskeletons hauling a turbofan jet engine, while two HK-VTOLs had spotted them, starting a fire fight. After a brief fight, a Series 888 infiltrator of the same model as The Rogue grabbed Derek by the throat and captured him, Sayles, and Andy Goode, while Kyle's fate was left unknown.

The three were transferred to a mysterious interrogation house that was used as a Skynet psychological experimentation facility. Inside were other Resistance members, including a man named Timms, that had been captured and tortured in bizarre ways. During their captivity, Derek and the others were interrogated by Skynet machines, who had been playing Frédéric Chopin's "Nocturne" in C-sharp minor, and Billy reveals himself to be Andy, a key person who inadvertently helped create Skynet. After an unknown amount of time had past, Skynet's machines had abandoned the interrogation house and its captives, and an axe had been left between Derek and the others, who quickly used it to escape and return to their bunker.

Finding it devastated, Derek and the others investigated the bunker, and were extracted by Sumner and his men who had found them. Some time had past, and Derek, Sayles, Sumner, and Timms were assigned to an unknown mission to set up a Resistance safe house in the past using the Time Displacement Equipment.

Although the squad had been assigned to set up a safe house, Sayles had started tracking Barbara Chamberlain, whose husband Vick Chamberlain had been replaced by a T-888 during a horrifying car crash. Barbara passed off Vick's change in behavior as an effect from the car crash, oblivious to the fact that he was not the real Vick. While tracking Barbara one day, Sayles was spotted by the Terminator, who followed him to the safe house, where he killed Timms, Sumner, and Sayles. Derek, the sole survivor of the attack due to not being at the safe house, stakes out on his own, tracking his own personal target, his old squad mate and future creator of Skynet - Andy Goode.


  • The phrase "Reese's Recon" is a term used by the Terminator Wiki to describe these events.


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