SCC 106 resistance fighters

The four Resistance fighters that setup the safe house

Resistance Safe Houses have been established by both agents sent back in time and the embattled Connor family and their allies as they seek to prevent the coming of Judgment Day or at least prepare a fighting chance for humanity.


Derek's safe house was a nondescript apartment in Los Angeles which housed four Resistance agents. The agents were sent back twenty years to 2007 by John Connor to set up the safe house, gather intel, and wait for further instructions. [1] Unknown to John, Derek had been told that Billy Wisher was partly responsible for the creation of Skynet, and decided to preempt the mission on his own crusade to prevent the Artificial intelligence from ever being created by assassinating members of the scientific community directly responsible, starting with Billy/Andy.

After setting up the safe house, the Resistance agents tracked down leads on Skynet. They also acquired assets and weapons: money, diamonds worth $246k, guns, a growing amount of intel, and the ability to make fake identity papers. Many of the valuables were stored in a vault, which was hidden behind a poster of a kitten which said, "Hang in there, baby!"

One of the agents, Sayles, tracked down an LA city manager Barbara Chamberlain who had championed ARTIE, a real time monitoring project in Los Angeles that could become the "nervous system" for Skynet's brain. He was spotted by Vick Chamberlain, a T-888 Infiltrator whose mission was to ensure the creation of Skynet. Vick followed Sayles back to the safe house, where he killed three of the agents and then lay on the floor and impersonated a dead member of the Resistance.

Cameron Phillips, a reprogrammed terminator sent back to 1999 to aid John and Sarah Connor, knew the location of the safe house. She led Sarah there, but they only found the three dead Resistance agents and the T-888 waiting in hiding. When Cameron and Sarah showed up, the terminator attacked Cameron. Once he realized that Cameron was an "unknown cyborg", he decided to take evasive action. Sarah knocked it down with a motorcycle, but just as Cameron was about to take it out of commission, she was hit by a car. The T-888 successfully escaped.[2]

Cameron, John, and Sarah returned to the safe house later and John spotted the vault. Cameron went to open it, but the vault had been wired directly into the power supply and she was knocked offline when she touched it. John guessed that the password was the date for Judgment Day and was able to open the vault. They left the apartment just before the T-88 returned. As they left, the last remaining safe house resident watched them from the shadows.

Sarah Connor was able to find clues from the intel that revealed that the safe house team had been a Skynet hunting party. She showed photographs from the intel to Tarissa Dyson, who identified one of the photographs as Andy Goode.

The Terminator: Tempest

Mary Randall and Alan established a safe house in a nondescript Los Angeles suburb, taking over an abandoned two-story house that had become home to a number of stray dogs. From here the resistance cell plotted to target ranking scientists in Cyberdyne Systems in order to prevent the creation of Skynet. The location was compromised after C890.L trailed a panicked Dr. Ed Astin back to the house. Assaulting with the assistance of HC875.S, both Raul and Naiomi are terminated. Bart, Mary, and Dr. Astin are able to escape in the destruction.

The Terminator: Secondary Objectives

Mary Randall, I825.M and Dr. Ed Astin established a second safe house in the heart of Mexico City after following the trail of Sarah Connor south across the border. Unable to locate Connor, but ahead of the hunting terminator C890.L, they prepared a trap for the killer machine. After defeating C890.L and leaving it behind to destroy Z000.M the trio abandoned the location to return north to L.A.

The Terminator: The Enemy Within

Mary Randall, I825.M and Dr. Ed Astin Return to Los Angeles and establish another safe house from which to operate. While disabling the transponder beacon in Dudley's head, Dr. Astin discovers extensive technological data on terminator physiology and allows greed to override any sense of morality. Attempting to sabotage Dudley and abandoning Mary, he seeks to sell the data to Cyberdyne Systems and his old boss, Dr. Bertram Hollister.

The Terminator: Endgame

I825.M established a safe house in San Diego to protect Mary Randall from his constant battle against the installed Skynet hardware. After a moment of his greatest weakness when yet another TDE deployed terminator seized control and almost forced him to terminate Mary, he was able to retain focus long enough to warn her of the new unit and its mission to finally destroy Sarah Connor. To prevent further compromises, Dudley said his final goodbyes and was able to self-terminate with an entire crate of dynamite and C4.


Sarah Connor's Baum Residence

Sarah Connor Alias: Sarah Baum.
John Connor Alias: John Baum.
Cameron Phillips Alias: Cameron Baum.
Derek Reese Resistance survivor.

Derek Reese's L.A. Safehouse

Derek Reese was the leader of the safe house team.
Sayles was following Barbara Chamberlain when a T-888 acquired him, followed him back to the safe house, and killed him.
Sumner also terminated by the T-888.
Timms also terminated by the T-888.

Mary Randall's L.A. Safehouse

Mary Randall: Colonel, Cell leader
Raul: Tech-Com soldier, explosives expert, terminated at the Resistance Safe House by C890.L.
Bart: Tech-Com soldier, terminated by C890.L while driving.
Naiomi: Tech-Com soldier, terminated at the Resistance Safe House by HC875.S
Alan: Tech-Com soldier, terminated by C890.L at Dr. Hollister's house with the Plasma Pistol.

Mary Randall's Mexico City and second L.A. Safehouse

Mary Randall: Colonel, Cell leader
Dr. Ed Astin: a former employee of Cyberdyne.
I825.M: a self liberated terminator hybrid cyborg, also known as Dudley.

Dudley's San Diego Safehouse

I825.M: a self liberated terminator hybrid cyborg, also known as Dudley.



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