The Resistance often use slang words for different Skynet machines and other aspects of the War Against the Machines.

Resistance slang words are mostly used in various Terminator comics and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Known slang

  • Bubble tech - TDE engineer
  • J Day - Judgment Day
  • Scrubbed - Reprogram Terminator
  • Skin - Resistance fighters
  • Tunnel rats - Resistance fighters


Kyle: Tin cans just hit Kansas bunker.
Derek: Survivors?
Kyle: Prisoners now. One ogre tank, three monkey wagons. The convoy will roll out down Wilshire to Century in the next hour. And I'm thinking--
Derek: No, uh-uh. We've got our orders. Connor wants this corridor controlled. So we sit tight, we observe Skynet movement, and we'll report back at regular intervals, and that's it.
Kyle: What's that report going to say? Huh? That we observed Skynet move these people into a death camp while we sat?
Derek: I know! I know it sucks, all right? But if we lose eyes on this road, we could lose a lot more than one bunker, Kyle. If Connor were here--
Bedell: Connor isn't here, Corporal. (turning to Kyle) Get below. Round up every tunnel rat you can find.
Derek: Martin. You know what he'd say. You know what Connor would say.
Bedell: Yes, I know what he'd say. If Connor wants to shoot me for disobeying orders, he can get in line behind the tin cans. We're doing this.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, "Goodbye to All That"

Derek: We got to make sure that ogre cooperates.
Bedell: Corporal Reese will take you and set up over at Lacma and the Page. When the convoy rolls to your position, open fire on this bunker. The ogre will think it's metal on skin and move to assist. And when it does, boom. Questions? Move out.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, "Goodbye to All That"

Bedell: Where's the ogre?
Derek: It's coming to kill us all. Where the hell do you think it is?
Bedell: Where is the tank?
Derek: (sighing) About a block away. Moving towards us. There's no way we've got enough powder to kill it. I'm going to lay down some covering fire, maybe drop a couple endos. That'll give Kyle enough time to get back.
Bedell: Reese... We can kill that ogre. We got one more magic bullet. We just got to get it out there. (Indicates the last E.F.P.)
Derek: (gasping for breath) I'll go.
Bedell: You'll never make it.
Derek: He's my brother.
Bedell: You want to save Kyle or die trying? Give me the damn E.F.P. Please.
(Derek sighs heavily)
Bedell: I want to take this one.
Derek: Run like hell, okay? Bedell, you run like hell.
Bedell: When this thing goes off, you pop those wagons. You get those people out. Don't be a hero. Go!
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, "Goodbye to All That"

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