Time is running out. Will "Sidearm" succeed? Meanwhile back in the past, the Connors face the threat they never had — fighting two Terminators.


In 1996, after destroying the T-850s, the T-Infinity tracks the Connors down to their hideout. The Connors start to attack the machine upon their encounter. John Connor uses a bazooka to destroy T-Infinity's right arm. However, the machine finds Sarah and John's younger self. Before it can fire at them, the T-Infinity gets ambushed by the Dire Wolf.

In 2015, the Resistance plans to take out Skynet's regional servers in order for the main force to bring Skynet's local nuclear arsenal in Buffalo, New York under their control.

Back in 1996, the Dire Wolf rips T-Infinity's head with ease. After the T-Infinity is destroyed, the Connors start firing at the Dire Wolf. With the assist of Kyle Reese, who finds John by tracking down the Dire Wolf, John manages to destroy the second machine. John starts to analyze the remains of the T-Infinity.

While in 2015, the Resistance has enter the missile command center in Buffalo. Meanwhile, John and Kyle arrive the scene along with T-Infinity's remains by its onboard time displacement equipment. John uses the data salvaged from T-Infinity's CPU to gain the coordinate of Skynet Hub in Nebraska. The Resistance then launches the nuclear to Skynet Hub, destroying it once and for all. Thus, the human race win the War.

In 2032, human society has been resuscitated and people's lives are back to normal much like the day before the War.


Resistance Skynet Present-day characters


  • The young Kyle Reese carries a minigun and its ammo to aid the Connors to destroyed the Dire Wolf.
    • Note that the minigun is theoretically too heavy for an average child to carry.
    • In Terminator franchise, the minigun is usually used by a Terminator. This issue makes Kyle Reese the few persons who use the miniguns in the Terminator franchise.
  • Sarah Connor meets Kyle for the very first time after the event in The Terminator.
  • Sarah is very surprised by seeing the young Kyle, who is nearly as young as her 12-year-old son.
  • Despite the destruction of Skynet, John's monologue suggests there may be another timeline where the War still goes on.
  • The last second panels of this issue shows John and Tara Connor visiting Kyle, who married a blond female and has a daughter with blond hair.
  • Interestingly, Kyle did take a time travel to the past and meet Sarah in this timeline. The only difference in this timeline and others is that Kyle didn't die and went back to the future.

Terminator references

  • Skynet is destroyed in 2015 in this timeline, much earlier than it should. Similar thing has happened in Jane Connor's timeline.

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