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The images of Riley Dawson from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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Automatic for the People

The Mousetrap

Brothers of Nablus


Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today

Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point

Self Made Man

Earthlings Welcome Here

Ourselves Alone

Self Made Man

Today Is The Day, Part 1

Today Is The Day, Part 2


John: I guess this is it.
Riley: Sweet! What's a matter? Never brought a girl home before?
John: No.
Riley: Well, I wonder where your room is?
John: I don't know.
Riley: Well, let's go look for it.
(they survey a child's room, dumbfounded)
John: She can't be serious.

(outside a car door closes)
Riley: What's wrong?
John: It's my mom.
Riley: Is that a problem?
Sarah Connor: John? Who are you?
John: This is Riley. From school.
Riley: Hi, mom.
(Cameron closes in on Riley)
Sarah Connor: Let's talk, you and I. Riley from school. You never mentioned her before.
John: Well, that's because I just met her today.
Sarah Connor: Really?
John: Mm-hmm.
Sarah Connor: Now is not the time for this.
John: Now is not the time. Well, when is the time? For me, I mean, to live my life.
Riley: Hey, if-- if you guys are gonna keep fighting about me, I can leave.
John: No. Everything's fine.
Riley: Morning.
John: Hey. Did you sleep on the floor?
Riley: Early riser.
John: What's that?
Riley: What's it look like?
John: Looks like a robot.
Riley: It's a robot, big scary man, whatever. He's for you. To protect you while you sleep.
John: What, do I look like I need protection?
Riley: If you don't want it then...
John: No, no. Uh... it's very cool. Thank you.
Riley: You're very welcome.

Riley: (to Jesse: This world has a lot of mirrors, doesn't it?
(Flashback to Riley outside of Jesse's hotel room. Riley knocks on the door and Jesse opens)
Jesse: What are you doing here?
Riley: Sorry, Jesse. No one's following me. I doubled-back like you taught me. Jesse, I'm really sorry. Don't get mad at me, please.
Jesse: Phones. That's why we have phones.
Riley: I...I just didn't know where else to go.
Jesse: Yeah, well...not here, sweetie. Any place, but here.
Riley: I got kicked out of my foster home.
Jesse: You did what?
Riley: I got kicked out. They threw me out, cause I hit Kay, my foster mom. I was just freaking out, you know. I started thinking about everything. What's coming for all of us. For them. I just...I need someone to talk to. I need you. And I was thinking, instead of just getting another foster home, that maybe we could find some place close together, like an apartment or something. I'll just tell John I quit school, and...and we can be together.
(Jesse slaps Riley)
Jesse: I'm not here to babysit. And you're not here to feel sorry for yourself. I'm not your friend. I am not your mother. And you are here to keep John Connor away from her! (Referring to Cameron) Go finish your job. Go.

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