Ripley 8

Cloned from blood samples from the late Lt. Ripley, Ripley 8 was an Alien-human hybrid who fought the resurgence of Skynet's Terminators in the late 24th century.


Alien resurrection

Using alien-infected blood samples recovered from the late Lt. Ripley, scientists of the United Systems Military succeeded in extracting from her clone a larval queen capable of producing an army of alien soldiers. After an incident on board the Auriga freed the aliens and Ripley, Ripley joined Annalee Call and the crew of the Betty to find a way off of the infested Auriga.

The Trollenberg Terror

Safely back on Earth, Ripley was drafted by Call to prevent "Doctor Trollenberg" from creating super soldiers for the military. Ripley and Call's team gained access to Trollenberg's secret labs and watched as an unknown creature beheaded the scientist, now clearly revealed as a cyborg. She later witnessed the crab-faced creature's dismemberment at the hands of Trollenberg's super-soldier, which Ripley recognized as a hybrid of alien and machine.

Escaping the Typhoon, Call hacked into Trollenberg's skull and discovered a message from John Connor. Connor explained that following Skynet's defeat by the human resistance in 2035, multiple Crypto Terminators like Trollenberg were dispatched by Skynet as part of the "Skynet Resurrection Program". Each crypto terminator was capable of infiltrating human civilization and remaining undetected until technological advancements allowed for the creation of a new, unstoppable generation of Terminators.

With the Predators

Forming an unusual alliance with the Predators, the Ripley clone unleashed the Aliens against the super-soldiers, their acidic blood destroying this latest generation of Terminators, before sacrificing herself to destroy the prototype super-soldier in an explosion that destroyed the research station containing all work related to the project.

Behind the Scenes

  • A synthetic version of Ellen Ripley was created in the Aliens novels to reconcile with her death in Alien 3.



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