In the machine-dominated future of 2029, a human rebel gains access to the Skynet computer's Time Displacement Equipment and sends herself into the past on a desperate mission to kill officer Alex Murphy, a.k.a. RoboCop. But Skynet is onto her plan and dispatches a trio of Terminators to the past as well. The Terminators' mission: protect RoboCop at all costs. Just what the heck is going on here?


In 2029, Resistance soldier Flo Langer makes it inside the "center of the regional mind" of Skynet, during the last battle for humanity. The Resistance is all but wiped out, Flo is on desperate mission to look through Skynet's database to find what person is most directly responsible for it's creation, having been told by John Connor that it was a human mind that helped Skynet become self-aware. The target is identified as Alex Murphy, a Detroit police officer. Flo learns that it was because he was later made into a cyborg, and the unique components of that brain held the secret to making Skynet self-aware. She activates the Time Displacement Equipment to go back in time and kill Officer Murphy.

In the first timeline shown, Flo makes it back to pre-Judgment Day era Detroit, acquires a firearm and finds Murphy's residence only learn from Murphy's wife that he has already become a cyborg, and considered deceased. Flo decides she must get superior weaponry to the typical kind of firearms she can find in that era. She assembles a makeshift plasma weapon in an alley, and tests it on a ED-209 law enforcement robot that is harassing her. After destroying the ED-209, she learns from magazines that Murphy is a crime prevention unit called RoboCop, and that he is maintained in a police station. She enters the station and steals a security clearance card, and is easily able to infiltrate the chamber where RoboCop is maintained. She finds a lab technician named Dr. Marie Lazarus and knocks her out, taking a tracking device from her that is used to locate RoboCop.

Meanwhile, RoboCop is on duty in a seedy neighborhood called Cass Corridor. He rescues a woman from a gang that is holding her for ransom. After killing all the suspects he arrives at a casino, where a man who has recently lost his job is robbing it by strapping a bomb to himself. Claiming he has nothing to lose, he activates the bomb. RoboCop promptly grabs the man, hurling his body into the air, and the explosion goes of safely in the sky. After this RoboCop attempts to enter his police cruiser, and without warning is shot by Flo's plasma weapon. Critically injured, he asks "Who.. are you?" to which Flo replies: "Die!," while disintegrating his head with a second blast.

In 2029, the Terminators create a second timeline by sending three Infiltrators back to protect Murphy from Flo. Two that resemble an adult male & female and another that resembles a small male child. They arrive at a sports stadium called The Palace at Auburn Hills during a basketball game, and have no trouble getting clothes and weapons from the citizens of Detroit. Later hey intervene during the fateful moment at RoboCop's cruiser, shooting Flo before she has the chance to hit RoboCop during a drive-by. RoboCop fires on them, injuring the adult male's eye. His programing allows him to zoom-in and record this moment for evidence. The Terminators flee, and RoboCop tends the injured Flo, who informs him that he causes Judgment Day.


Resistance Skynet Present-day characters


  • The year Flo is from is only identified from the Dark Korse solicitation.
  • This issue marks the first appearance of Dr. Marie Lazarus, a year later she would featured in the film RoboCop 3.

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