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Ronald "Ron" Labane was an environmentalist radical in 2002 who was dedicated to his vision of improving the Earth by saving it from harmful industrialization, shallow politicalization, and improved community development.


Initially, he was part of a successful organic farm, though when he saw his family and friends had given up on their shared dreams and were pressuring him to do the same, Labane, who at this time had finally finished his book, The New Luddite Manifesto, which was a dissertation meant to spread his word to the general population, left his old life behind to pursue his vision.[citation needed]

Initially struggling to get by, Labane was finally able to publish his book after becoming the subject of a documentary produced by a group of students. With time, Labane's influence, fame and popularity grew and went nation-wide; and at the height of his power, as an ecology spokesperson, he was approached to run for public office as U.S. Senator of New York, with the possibility of becoming a presidential candidate in a few years time.[citation needed]

Unbeknownst to everyone, Labane had been secretly putting together and maintaining a "terrorist network" of militant "Luddites"; anarchist, violent geniuses who were convinced to share his vision of saving the planet via more "pro-active measures" (terrorist activities and murders) and served a the black wing of his organization. Labane made discrete approaches to hundreds of such groups and convinced them to aid in his mission to save the Earth, and so kept them resourced and supplied throughout their efforts. Labane, meanwhile, maintained his public image and capitalized on the after-effects of their activities for improved public relations and other benefits.[citation needed]

Unfortunately, one such group, the one group he was actually afraid of, believed Labane to be a sell-out after accepting the offer to run for public office, and so they killed him. Two such members; Dog Soldier and Hate, did so and Dog shot Labane twice in the head, killing him. Wendy Dorset, one of Labane's many fans, was made the killers' "mark" and evidence planted to frame Wendy as a threatening stalker who killed Labane.

Wendy was later killed by Clea Bennet, after which she was posthumously found guilty of killing Labane and remembered as the "rabid fan" who murdered him. Template:T2: Rising Storm

In preparation for the Judgment Day, a now-sentient Skynet took on the persona of "the ghost of Ron Labane" communicating and directing the Luddite movement via. electronically, and convincing the majority that Labane's murder was a cover-up, and in reality was alive and underground after being kidnapped by U.S. government agents and then rescued by a Luddite commando cell. Skynet organized and directed the militant Luddites world-wide while the unindoctrinated Luddites were convinced by Skynet's soothing e-mails, supposedly signed by "Labane", to aid in such efforts.

Labane's dreams of an environmentally-friendly Earth died on Judgment Day and the subsequent the War against the Machines; in which the Luddites were wiped out by the combined efforts of the Resistance and Skynet.


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