SRF is a private subcontractor firm with access to high-security data nodes (facilities requiring retinal scan, fingerprints, as well as access codes) connected to the military's defense and national industrial complex networks.

Young Charles Fischer works for SRF in the Seismic Retro-Fitting department, a mechanical engineering function, and claims to have no knowledge of how to access computer systems. SRF does subcontracted work for the government. This hypothesis can be drawn from the high level of security at the entrance, and the text on the access screen granting Fischer access as an "authorized subcontractor".

The Department of Homeland Security apprehends Young Fischer at his subcontracting location, in response to the elder Fischer's penetration and permanent alteration of government networks.

Possible Meanings

  • Secret Research Facility
  • Seismic Retro-Fitting
  • Seismic Research Facility

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