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Sam Wright
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Franchise(s): Terminator Salvation
First Appearance: Terminator Salvation (Mentioned only)
Last Appearance: Terminator Salvation
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Date of Birth: (Unmentioned)
Date of Death: (Unmentioned)
Parents: (Unnamed)
Relatives: Marcus Wright (brother, ambiguously deceased)
Affiliations: Wright Family

Sam Wright was the brother of Marcus Wright. He was brutally stabbed to death by his brother along with two cops during a botched car-jacking, resulting in Marcus being executed and his body donated to Cyberdyne Systems for cybernetic research. Marcus offered no reason as to why he murdered his brother and was seemingly cold and remorseful during his term of trial, though he expresses apparent regret during the course of Terminator Salvation.[1]


  • Sam's first name is identical to that of the actor who portrays his brother Marcus (Sam Worthington) and is likely not a coincidence.
  • According to Marcus, Sam frequently listened to a song called "Rooster" by Alice in Chains, as revealed when Marcus fixes a Jeep at the Griffith Observatory.


Marcus: My brother and two cops are dead because of me. I'm not looking for a second chance.

[Marcus starts the Jeep's motor and inadvertently activates the stereo]
Kyle Reese: [listening to 'Rooster' by "Alice in Chains"] What is that?
Marcus: [downcast] It's something my brother used to listen to.


  1. As seen in the newspaper articles Marcus reads during his perusal of Skynet's database.

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