Samuel Fuller was an employee of the Tubular Corporation, sent to oversee the investigation of the pollution in Venice, Italy in 2000.


Samuel Fuller


...with cybernetics exposed.

Prior, he had allegedly spent eleven years in the United States Marine Corps., and is an expert in martial arts. In reality, he was a Replicant, a cybernetic organism that was sent to protect the company's secrets, as it was later revealed that the company had triggered the pollution in order to manipulate real estate prices in the city. When he was revealed to be a machine, he quickly began to hunt down Sara, Samantha, and the other surviving members of the team sent to investigate the pollution.

Shortly after initiating the Venetian underground complex's self-destruction sequence, he used a Tubular Corp. time machine to travel back to the 20th century, where he intercepted Sara and Samantha, who also used a time machine. However, he was destroyed when Sara set her device to overload and threw it at Fuller, causing him to explode into a mass of electricity.


  • Fuller: "Eleven years in the Marines were enough to teach me: Whoever talks a lot doesn't get much done. And you seem to talk a lot."
  • Fuller: "End of the line."
  • Fuller: "You still haven't realized that I'm immortal. I'm the most perfect thing ever constructed by the Tubular Corporation!"

Behind the scenes

  • He was played by Christopher Ahrens, and only appeared in the unofficial film Terminator II. He is prominently featured on many posters of the film with portions of his cybernetics exposed (mimicking the original posters of The Terminator).
  • He is similar to a number of characters from the Alien series, namely Bishop and Burke from Aliens, which was directed by James Cameron.
  • Fuller shares his name with another character of the same name, but since Terminator II is non-canon, it is very unlikely that they are connected in any way.

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