San Francisco is a city in California in the United States of America. The city is home to several historic landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge. During Judgment Day, the city was devastated like many other cities around the world.

By 2018, Skynet had taken control over the city and built Skynet Central where the city once stood. It was destroyed when the Resistance staged an attack on the facility in an effort to rescue Kyle Reese and others being held prisoner at Skynet Central.

In the Terminator: Genisys timeline, San Francisco is where the Genisys version of Skynet is built. Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese travel here from 1984 to stop Genisys from coming online and causing Judgment Day. With help from Guardian, they destroy the Cyberdyne campus and avert Judgment Day, but Genisys survives due to its system core being underground.