Sarah Connor's dreams are a recurring theme in the Terminator fictions.

Sarah's dreams often drive her to take immediate action, which sometimes put her and her family at risk. [1]

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Sarah dreamt that she was at a playground where kids were playing. She screamed warnings, but nobody paid attention to her. Shortly after, Judgment Day hit Los Angeles and killed the parents, kids, and herself. After her dream, she drove up to Dr. Miles Dyson's house to attempt to kill him before he could invent the technologies leading to Skynet's creation.

Sarah also dreamt that Kyle Reese visited her in Pescadero State Hospital. Kyle warned Sarah that her son was at risk, and tells her that he loves her and will always be with her. He gives her a message: "The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves." Shortly after, she attempted to escape from the hospital.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season One

Sarah dreamt that a terminator was going to kill John and that Judgment Day would hit. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot episode Shortly after, Sarah left her fiance Charley Dixon; Charley contacted the FBI, which inadvertently alerted Cromartie where John and Sarah are.

Later, after falling asleep while inspecting the papers from the Resistance safe house, Sarah dreams about killing the nuclear physicists who invented the nuclear bomb. After she shoots and kills them, they come back as Terminators. Just as they kill her, she wakes up. "The Turk"

Season Two

Sarah had a number of dreams in "Complications":

  • A trio of cactus sprouted up from the ground near where the gang buried Cromartie in the last episode. Sarah and Cameron Phillips (who is inexplicably watering the ground) looked on as John appeared and was grabbed by one of the cactus' arms.
  • Sarah dreamt about Cameron, Cromartie, a maternity ward and small turtles in the place of infants. Sarah saw a tortoise missing from one of the cradles, and turned to see Cameron sitting down, appearing to be nursing a child. When Cameron got up, she had a baby tortoise in her hands. She walked by Sarah's outreached hand, and gave the tortoise to Cromartie. When Sarah woke up, she was pointing a gun at her reflection in a window and found a trio of dots on a pad of paper in front of her.
  • Sarah, wearing a pink dress, visited Cromartie's grave. There was a door in his grave, which she went through to find herself in the office of Dr. Boyd Sherman. She asked Dr. Sherman what she was doing there, but he didn't know. He told her that they were wasting time, since all she did was lie. Dr. Sherman turned away from her and started reading his book again. She said she was going to get back to work. After she woke up, she looked at Dr. Sherman's name on her basement wall and found the three dots that she had been dreaming about.


  1. In Pilot, Sarah left her fiance Charley Dixon after dreaming about Judgment Day; Charley contacted the FBI, which inadvertently alerted Cromartie where John and Sarah are.

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