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Sarah Connor's father fought in a war (most likely the Vietnam War). He slept with a gun under his pillow after war trauma. Growing up, Sarah would not believe that she would follow a similar traumatic experience as his, nor did she realize her father's fighting traits would go on through three generations, as he would become the maternal grandfather of a noted general.

In the Terminator: Genisys timeline, he was killed in 1973 during an assassination attempt on his daughter.



"My father slept with a gun under his pillow. There was no pill for his sickness, no medicine to ease his mind. He left blood, and sweat, and part of his soul in a foreign land. My father never talked to me about the war he fought. He never talked to anyone. Ever vigilant, ever silent. I never thought I'd follow in his footsteps."

— Opening monologue for the episode "The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short"

"In 1678, doctors diagnosed the mental affliction soldiers suffered from as "nostalgia." Homesickness. A longing to return to the past. The cruel reality of war is that there is no return home. No return to innocence. What is lost is lost forever. Like my father, war's wounds have bled me dry. No words of comfort. No words of forgiveness. No words at all."

— Closing monologue for the episode "The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short"

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