Season 1

This is the official biography page for Sarah Connor. Specifically, it covers her task of protecting her son while tracking down and eliminating the progenitor of Skynet, from the year 1999 to 2007 (time jump in between).

August 24th 1999 - November 14th 2007


"We can't keep running. I'll lose my boy. He'll leave me. He'll leave me."
- Sarah Connor. (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot episode)
Sarah 101.1

Sarah's nightmare

Two years had passed since the events of T2 and the Connors have settled down with a man named Charley Dixon, to whom Sarah is engaged. However, Sarah experiences a terrifying dream that depicts John being killed by a Terminator, which prompts her to abandon Charley, despite John’s protests. She and John move to Red Valley, New Mexico which John describes as a "Hick town". While John enrols at his new school, Sarah attends to their new safe-house, creating a concealed aperture in the wall for hiding the weapons. John later returns home, expressing his dislike of their new life and mentions the out of date technology in his computer class. Sarah scolds John for taking computer classes, concerned that he might get caught "hacking", despite his admission that the class switch wasn’t his fault. Settling down, she asks him if he met any "pretty girls", to which John replies "no", but she sees through his lie and gives him a sly smile.

The next day, Sarah goes to work in a local diner where she hears a report of gunfire at John’s school, and subsequently abandons her job and rushes to investigate. She takes a cautious approach, watching the school via binoculars from a distance, seeing the cops and C.S.I. swarming the building and questioning witnesses. She continues to search, hoping for some sign of John, but is suddenly attacked by a T-888 known as Cromartie. She is pinned to the ground and demands to know what he did with John, and when Cromartie doesn’t answer Sarah assumes that he killed John and tries to shoot herself in the head but the Triple-8 stops her, stating that he can use her against a still-living John. She is then knocked unconscious.

When she wakes up again, Sarah finds herself back at the safe-house, dumped in a chair with Cromartie’s hand around her throat. John arrives moments later and Sarah tries to warn him off but the Triple-8 shoots him multiple times and he drops to the floor, apparently dead. Sarah looks on in horror but quickly realises that it was a trick and is surprised when 'John' turns out to be another Terminator modelled after a teenage girl. As the two machines fight one another, Sarah retrieves a shotgun from the hidden cache and shoots Cromartie a number of times in the chest before ducking behind a Kevlar laced chair for cover. The teenage machine then draws Cromartie away from Sarah, who almost shoots John when he bursts into the kitchen.

Sarah 101.2

Sarah, John, & Cameron visit the Dysons

She angrily reminds him of his training, which dictates that he abandon her to save himself, before escaping the house and driving away in a stolen truck. As they leave, the petite Terminator jumps onto the back of the truck and slides inside, informing Sarah that Cromartie is temporarily disabled and that she was sent to protect John. Sarah learns that this machine is called Cameron and she consents to her presence, unlike her initial reluctance with T-800 several years ago. They stop overnight in an old warehouse where Cameron sits topless and removes several bullets from her chassis while John sleeps and Sarah plans their next move. Sarah advises Cameron to "put those back in the holster", referring to her modesty, and Cameron promptly dresses herself again.

Sarah enquires about the future war and the origins of Skynet, learning that Cameron is from the year 2027 and has no knowledge of who created the super computer, but does know that Judgment Day occurs on April 9, 2011. Cameron then informs her that Charley went to the police and that this was how Cromartie found them and why the cops are close behind. Sarah loses her temper with the machine, telling her to "go to hell" when she suggests that Sarah should’ve changed her alias Reese. Cameron is indifferent to her outburst, however, and simply states that they would’ve been found regardless. The following morning, Sarah checks up on a sullen John, who begs her to help him stop Judgment Day as opposed to going on the run again, to which she reluctantly agrees.

Later that evening, Sarah, John, and Cameron visit the Dyson Residence to question Tarissa Dyson about her late husband’s work at Cyberdyne, but the grieving widow is unable to give them anything useful and their visit is cut short by Cromartie’s arrival. Sarah asks Tarissa for help in their escape, and is allowed to commandeer her car, which they use to run down the machine before fleeing, during which Sarah is shot in the shoulder. They hide out in an old garage where Sarah orders Cameron to stitch up her wound before John returns from the 7/11. She confesses to Cameron her fears that John will one day leave her and mentions the nightmares she keeps having, but receives little comfort from Cameron, who simply states that she doesn’t sleep.

Sarah 101.3

Sarah stands guard

In the morning, Cameron takes Sarah and John to a bank in Los Angeles, which she subsequently holds at gunpoint, demanding the keys for the safety deposit boxes. For reasons unclear, Cameron has them locked inside the vault where she instructs them to open several boxes and place the contents on the table. With all the pieces together, Cameron constructs a weapon designed specifically to destroy Terminators in one shot, and instructs Sarah in its use as Cromartie arrives and starts dismantling the vault door. Cameron then reveals her plan to use the vault’s time displacement equipment to transport them to the year 2007 so that they can kill Skynet before it’s born. Sarah is initially hesitant about the plan, but agrees to it as Cromartie forces his way into the vault. Sarah blasts his head off moments before she, John, and Cameron are engulfed by the time sphere.

All three of them arrived naked on a busy highway, much to Sarah and John’s embarrassment. Sarah’s face was briefly captured on a boy’s cell phone before Cameron led her and John off of the highway and onto a construction yard. Cameron then approached a gang of drunkards, who tried to accost the naked cyborg, only for her to knock them all unconscious, much to Sarah’s amusement. Once fully clothed, they stole the drunks’ car and drove into the city, eventually acquiring a house where they prepared to settle into their new lives.


"You don't know what I would and wouldn't do. I don't even know what I would and wouldn't do. I wake up this morning and you tell me... I don't know anything anymore. I don't even remember what my name is."
- Sarah Connor. ("Gnothi Seauton")
Sarah 102.1

Sarah and Cameron visit the safe house

Three days later, and still suffering from "time-lag", Sarah is pestered by John about getting new IDs, suggesting that she track down her old friend Enrique Salceda. Cameron then mentions that Future John sent back agents of his own to aid them and leads an annoyed Sarah to their safe-house. Upon arriving, however, they discover four bodies, three of which are the Resistance fighters. The fourth turns out to be a T-888, who immediately attacks Cameron upon discovery, throwing her across the room and colliding with Sarah. Cameron and the Triple-8 fight, eventually falling out of the window and landing in the alley several stories below. Sarah watches as the T-888 flees with Cameron in hot pursuit and quickly grabs a gun before stealing a man’s motorcycle outside. She then heads off the Triple-8 and crashes the motorcycle into it, taking out its feet, but Cameron is subsequently struck by a car, allowing the T-888 a window of escape.

When they return home, Sarah angrily berates Cameron for lying about their safety, stating that, had they not travelled forward in time, she would’ve had an additional eight years to train her son. Cameron negates this possibility; revealing that Sarah would’ve died of cancer in 2005 had they not jumped forward. While John patches up her injuries, Cameron informs him and Sarah that many more Terminators are likely to be walking around the city, but none of them know what John looks like, thereby granting him a measure of anonymity.

Sarah 102.2

Sarah and Cameron visit Enrique

Upon John’s insistence, Sarah and Cameron visit Enrique with the hope of acquiring fake IDs from him. Though now retired, Enrique points them towards his nephew, Carlos, but warns Sarah that he is "not a believer". At Carlos’ house, Cameron is met with hostility by his guard dogs and is told to wait outside by Sarah, who then meets with Carlos and comes to an arrangement for the purchase of new IDs. Carlos demands 20,000 dollars, however, stating that prices have skyrocketed since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, of which Sarah is ignorant until being given a detailed account by Carlos and his guys. With the deal done, Sarah returns outside to find Cameron on the verge of killing a cop, but stops her from doing so by putting on a clever façade, throwing off the cop’s suspicions at the cost of their car.

While she and Cameron walk home, Sarah learns that Cameron does not take orders from anyone except John, but then only the John she knows in the future. They finally arrive home in the evening to find John still working on motion sensors. Sarah correctly guesses by his behaviour that he snuck out while they were gone, despite her insistence that he stay in doors until they acquired their new IDs. All three of them then return to the Resistance safe-house to search for the fighters’ hidden stash, which is revealed to be locked in a safe behind a "Hang in there, baby" kitten poster. Cameron tries to open the safe but is rendered offline by an electrical trap. Sarah desperately tries to figure out the combination, which John correctly guesses is the date for Judgment Day, and successfully opens it.

With the safe’s contents in hand, Sarah throws Cameron out of a window, shocking John with her carelessness. Once rebooted, Cameron rejoins them as they run home, leaving mere moments before the T-888 returns. Back home, Sarah counts the money from the safe and is offered a diamond by Cameron, who was given one by John. Cameron reminisces about a conversation she had with Future John, wherein he told her about Sarah’s habit of reading him the 'Wonderful Wizard of Oz' in Spanish and tells Sarah that it was one of his favourite things that she did when he was little. Sarah and Cameron then revisit Carlos, paying him the $20,000 for their new IDs, but as they leave, Sarah overhears Carlos speaking to his crew in Spanish, referring to Enrique as a snitch.

Sarah 102.3

Sarah regrets Enrique's death

Armed with this knowledge, Sarah angrily confronts Enrique, demanding that he tell her the truth. He proclaims his innocence, confessing that he once sold out a cellmate in exchange for a pardon. As Sarah lowers her gun, however, Cameron arrives and shoots Enrique in cold blood, upsetting Sarah greatly. She slaps Cameron across the face with the butt of her gun and angrily berates her for her actions, stating that they couldn’t know for sure if Enrique was guilty or not. They then leave as the sound of police sirens near. The next day, Sarah reminds John of his new fake background, specifically his deceased father, and lies about her actions the previous night.

Officially, Sarah is now known as Sarah Baum, named after L. Frank Baum, author of the 'Wonderful Wizard of Oz'. She later visits a doctor and takes a blood test, checking for any signs of cancer.


Sarah 103.1

Sarah pays her respects

"Nobody dies til' I say so."
- Sarah Connor. ("The Turk")

Sarah wakes up one morning, finding piles of documents and photos on her bed, having stayed up late to read them all. Moments later, John brings her a cup of coffee and they discuss the files, Sarah pointing out a list of Cyberdyne associates and expresses a desire to visit Tarissa Dyson again. John asks if she wants him to come along, but she insists he go to school and seconds later Cameron casually walks by in just her underwear, making John uncomfortable. Sarah later advises Cameron to keep her clothes on all the time and produces a layout of the school, informing them of the exits and entrances. John blows off her concerns and kisses her before leaving. Cameron repeats John’s confidence and moves to copy his goodbye, but Sarah warns her not to kiss her, or anyone else for that matter.

Sarah goes in search of Tarissa, finding her at the grave of her husband, Miles. Sarah pays her respect by placing a flower on his grave before asking Tarissa to look at some photos. She claims not to recognize any of them at first, but just as Sarah is about to leave she identifies one as Andrew Goode, a one-time intern at Cyberdyne. Sarah tracks Andy to a cell phone store where she purchases three new phones for her, John, and Cameron, subtly catching Andy’s attention in the process. Upon leaving, Sarah is asked out to dinner by Andy, which she accepts before returning home and asking John how his first day at school went, learning about Cameron’s trouble with the metal detector.

Sarah 103.2

Sarah incinerates the Turk

She informs John of what she learned about Andy and is subsequently teased when she reveals that she is going on a date with him. Cameron asks her if she is going to kill Andy, to which she replies "nobody dies til' I say so", prompting Cameron to joke that people die all the time and won’t wait for her permission. At dinner with Andy, Sarah discovers his secret pet project; a chess computer called "The Turk". Sarah is disturbed by the computer and subsequently leaves after spotting a prowler on Andy’s porch. Upon returning home, she informs John of what she saw, but is unable to give an adequate description for him to determine its potential for self-awareness.

The next day, Sarah sees a doctor about cancer prevention and is given a prescription. She later goes along with Andy on a hike, during which he expresses his belief that "The Turk" possesses moods and quite possibly a personality. This again makes Sarah uneasy and she seriously considers killing Andy, pulling her shirt down to keep her gun concealed. She decides to spare him, however, and resolves to find another means of sabotaging his work. At home, Sarah tries to comfort John, who is distraught over not being able to stop a girl at school from committing suicide. He angrily questions the point in being a hero if he can’t even save those around him before storming off, glaring at Cameron as he leaves. Sarah doesn’t know how to help him, and Cameron simply states that Andy must be killed.

Instead of killing him, however, Sarah burns down his house and watches from afar as Andy grieves over the loss of his creation.


"You try to open your hands just a little, and it's too soon."
- Sarah Connor. ("Heavy Metal")
Sarah 104.1

Sarah tricks the merc-for-hire

Sarah tries in vain to get John to talk about what happened at school, but he refuses to relent, claiming that he is "fine". Before she can get anymore out of him, Cameron informs them of Cromartie’s return and shows them a recording of their arrival on the highway, which reveals that Cromartie’s head followed them through. Cameron warns them that he will find a way to repair and rebuild himself, which prompts Sarah to declare that they need to move out and hide across the border, off the grid. John angrily opposes this idea and suggests that they take the fight to Cromartie while he’s still damaged and vulnerable. Sarah is reluctant at first, but eventually agrees, telling John to collect the C4 from the bathroom.

Cameron believes that Cromartie is behind the redirection of a shipment of refined coltan to a port in Los Angeles, as coltan is a key ingredient in a Terminator’s endoskeleton and therefore he might need some for repairs. Sarah, John, and Cameron wait inside a warehouse at the docks, setting a trap for Cromartie, but he never shows up and the truck containing the coltan is hijacked. They follow this truck to another warehouse where Cameron identifies one of the men as a Terminator, but not Cromartie. Despite this, John still expresses the desire to sabotage this machine’s operation, but Sarah refuses to just 2kick their asses and go for pancakes", stating that it is too dangerous.

Sarah 104.2

Sarah interrogates the merc

As she gets into the car, however, John slips into the warehouse and Sarah tries to follow but is stopped by Cameron, who warns her that she might get him caught. Sarah can only watch as John places his phone in the truck for the purpose of tracking it, but is then trapped inside as the men lock up and drive away. Before she and Cameron can do anything, however, they are both confronted by one of the men, who holds them at gunpoint. Sarah cautiously approaches the man, asking if he’s seen a puppy, before knocking him unconscious and then chasing the truck, only to find it long gone.

Cameron uses an office computer to track John’s phone over the internet but the signal dies out, the result of possible damage to the phone. Sarah questions her decision to "open her hands" with John, stating that it was too soon. Cameron reminds her that the world ends in four years and that John should therefore be more assertive. With no other options available, Sarah ties up the worker and viciously beats him, demanding that he tell them where the truck is destined. He refuses to crack, however, so Sarah cuts him loose and allows him to go free, so long as he can get past Cameron.

Needless to say, he becomes very cooperative after this, and agrees to drive them directly to Depot 37, casting fearful glances at Cameron along the way. With the Depot in sight, Sarah has Cameron place the man in the middle of a live minefield, causing her to question Sarah’s inefficiency. Sarah simply responds by saying that humans often do things, "stupid, illogical things". Upon arriving at the Depot, Cameron informs Sarah that she was built in this location and shows her the fallout shelter, which has been sealed shut with John inside. Cameron tries to comfort Sarah by telling her not to blame herself, but she turns this around on her, accusing Cameron of being the cause of John’s reckless behaviour. Cameron replies that "her" John does these things in the future.

Sarah 104.3

Sarah is reunited with her son

After a while, Sarah’s phone rings and she is relieved to hear John on the other end. He informs her that the machine, Carter, has entered standby mode and is blocking the door. Sarah orders him to open the door and then run while they deal with Carter. Moments later, the doors open and Cameron immediately hurls the prone machine across the shelter while Sarah joins John inside the truck. Carter reboots and attacks Cameron with a bar of coltan, during which Sarah desperately tries to teach John how to work the stick shift. Carter temporarily defeats Cameron and tries to stop the truck from leaving, forcing Sarah to shoot him several times in the face with her shotgun.

He is stunned by the blasts, allowing John to drive over him and Cameron to lock the shelter doors, trapping the machine indefinitely. Cameron then disposes of the coltan by driving it into the sea. Sarah once again asks John if he is alright, to which she receives the same reply as before. At home, John disappears into his room to finish his homework while Sarah sits on her bed and contemplates the day’s events.


Sarah 105.1

Sarah exercises in the back yard

"It was you, wasn't it? On Andy's porch that night. You've been watching. You wanted to kill him, the poor kid, and you did."
- Sarah Connor. ("Queen's Gambit")

Many days later, Sarah does her routine rigorous exercise and takes a handful of vitamins, and prepares lunches for John and Cameron before they go to school. She is then called by Andy, who asks her to meet him at a robotics convention in Pasadena, and learns that he has rebuilt his chess computer, "The Turk". She instructs John and Cameron to meet her at the convention after school and gives them both their lunches before leaving. At the convention, Sarah meets up with Andy, who shows her his new creation and introduces her to Dmitri Shipkov, his partner who taught the machine how to play chess.

Sarah also learns that the winner of the tournament will be granted a military contract, which only fuels her determination to see "The Turk" destroyed. She watches the chess match, along with several grand masters and military representatives. John arrives shortly and is brought up to speed with events. Sarah remarks that unless the Japanese team defeats Andy, Cameron will kill him, which appears all the more likely when "The Turk" takes out the other team’s queen. In a surprising move, however, the Japanese computer tricks "The Turk" into falling into a trap and subsequently achieves checkmate.

With "The Turk" beaten, Sarah and John ponder whether or not to go after the Japanese computer but Cameron insists that "The Turk" is still a threat and advises its immediate destruction. Sarah decides to tell Andy the truth about everything, but when she reaches his hotel room she discovers that he has been assassinated and "The Turk" has been taken. Guessing who’s responsible, Sarah pursues a stranger she spotted during the chess match, eventually attacking him in an alley, demanding to know who he is. The stranger fights her off, however, and almost escapes but is caught and arrested by the police. Sarah stays out of sight and grieves for Andy.

Sarah 105.2

Sarah meets "Turk 2"

The next day, Sarah once again engages in her exercises in the backyard until Cameron arrives and offers her a pencil, suggesting that she write her sorrow on a note. Sarah angrily snaps the pencil in half and goes into the kitchen to take her pills, asking Cameron if she even cares that Andy is dead, to which she replies that the world is safer without him. John enters and shows them a police file on his laptop, having hacked into their database. The file doesn’t have a name for the stranger but does have a photo of his face and a tattoo on his right arm, which Sarah and Cameron both identify as a Skynet prisoner barcode.

Sarah dresses up as a lawyer and visits the prison, receiving a call from the school councilor in regards to Cameron’s strange behavior, during which she discreetly steals a visitor’s pass before hanging up on the councilor and entering the prison, barely avoiding bumping into FBI Agent James Ellison in the process. Once alone with the stranger, Sarah accuses him of killing Andy, but he denies murdering him, claiming that he was dead when he got there and that he was only ever after "The Turk". He then demands that she leave, predicting that a T-888 is hot on his trail and will eventually find him. Sarah offers to get him out of jail but he refuses her help.

As she is about to leave, the stranger comments that she looks prettier than her picture, to which she enquires. The stranger reveals that his younger brother carried her snap for luck, and after further probing, gives her his name: Derek Reese, brother of Kyle Reese. Recognizing Derek as John’s uncle, Sarah resolves to liberate him from police custody and goes to school to pick up John and Cameron, telling them both that she has a "field trip" for them. They ambush a prisoner transfer vehicle and save Derek, who is shocked by Cameron’s presence, although Sarah assures him that she is "one of ours".

Sarah gets behind the wheel of the PTV while John drives the Jeep, a T-888 in hot pursuit. It eventually gets aboard the van and fights Cameron, who throws him from wall to wall, making it hard for Sarah to maintain control of the van. When Cameron shoves the Triple-8 through a hole in the van’s side, Sarah drives close to a passing truck, causing damage to the machine, including the loss of one of its hands. Once in a safe location, Sarah pulls over and meets up with John, who demands to know what has happened to Cameron.

Sarah 105.3

Sarah tends to her brother-in-law

His question is answered when Cameron is thrown out of the van and beaten into submission by the T-888. John tries to help her, forcing Sarah and Derek to restrain him, the former shooting the Triple-8 several times in the back. The Terminator recovers Cameron’s sidearm and aims at Derek but is struck from behind, making his aim go awry. Regardless, Derek still suffers a bullet wound to his chest and Sarah tends to him while John helps Cameron remove the Triple-8’s chip.

With the Terminator disabled, they return home and place Derek on the kitchen table, where Cameron performs a scan, determining that he will soon die unless he receives immediate medical aid. Acting on impulse, Sarah goes to her room to retrieve a stun gun with the intention of kidnapping a doctor to save Derek. John opposes her plan until she reveals Derek as his uncle, prompting him to run out of the house without any given reason. Sarah keeps pressure on the wound while Cameron writes a note for unknown reasons. Derek suddenly stops breathing and Sarah panics, calling out his name until John returns with Charley in tow, which surprises Sarah considerably.


Sarah 106.1

Sarah warns Cameron

"I didn't leave Charley because he was a threat to me or John. We're a threat to him, you understand?"
- Sarah Connor. ("Dungeons & Dragons")

Sarah and Charley share a long look before the latter quickly attends to the dying Derek, bringing him back through resuscitation. Sarah helps to hold down a delirious Derek while Charley tries to attend to his injury, though this is made difficult as Derek panics and thrashes about when Cameron approaches with a sedative in hand. Sarah angrily orders Cameron to leave the kitchen while John goes to Charley’s truck to retrieve equipment. With both gone, Charley tries to question Sarah about Derek’s burns and scars, but receives no explanation. After Derek slips out of consciousness, Charley is able to remove the bullet and tells Sarah about how he followed them to L.A.

Sarah pleads that she didn’t want to leave him, and that she had no choice, but refuses to elaborate as to why, though she later shows him the T-888’s endoskeleton and explains about Skynet and the future apocalypse. Later on, she finds Cameron standing over Derek with a pillow suspiciously, though she innocently places it under Derek’s head for his comfort. Sarah asks if she did anything to him in the future, but Cameron claims not to remember, and that her memories were wiped during her reprogramming by the Resistance. Before Sarah can interrogate her further, however, Derek’s lung begins to haemorrhage, and she calls out to Charley, who manages to drain his lung.

Sarah 106.2

Charley says his goodbye

Unfortunately, Derek loses a lot of blood and needs an immediate transfusion. Cameron suggests that Sarah donate, being a universal donor (O-negative), but Charley insists that Derek needs three units of his own blood type in order to survive. Luckily, John turns out to be a matching blood type and consents to a transfusion. Sarah privately commends John’s decision to bring Charley into the loop and confirms that Derek bears some resemblance to Kyle, being of the same build and complexion. She refuses John’s request to inform Derek of their family connection, however, stating that he is still a stranger and that if Future John didn’t forewarn him then he can’t be trusted.

Sarah later visits Cameron in the garage and threatens to destroy her if she lays a single finger on Charley and makes her promise to destroy every last bolt of the T-888, unaware that Cameron has salvaged the CPU. With Derek stabilised, Charley says his goodbyes to Sarah, warning her about FBI Agent Kester who appears to be on her trail. They then embrace one last time before he leaves and Sarah returns to her room where she cleans a rifle in a bid to take her mind of recent events. John comes by, looking for comfort, but she gives him the cold shoulder at first, until suddenly pulling him into a hug.

Sarah later watches as John tells Derek about Kyle’s death, her presence stopping John from revealing their family connection.


Sarah 107.1

Sarah interrupts John and Derek

"The day you came for me, I was coming for you. Because about three seconds after I signed that paper, I knew I couldn't live with it. I was coming for you, and I was gonna die trying."
- Sarah Connor. ("The Demon Hand")

With things starting to settle down in the Connor household, Sarah takes the time to visit Andy Goode's internment in the middle of the night and pays her respects. She later returns home and checks up on Derek, who suggests that she set Cameron the task of tracking down Andy's Russian partner, Dmitri. Cameron returns from her mission of acquiring the missing Triple-8 hand, having failed to retrieve it as it has been appropriated by the FBI. Sarah follows Derek's advice and assigns Cameron the task of finding Dmitri, telling her to ingratiate herself with his sister, Maria, who teaches ballet.

While Cameron goes about her business, Sarah calls the FBI evidence office, posing as a cop in an attempt to get a hold of the hand. She is unsuccessful, however, and almost ends up speaking with Agent Ellison directly. Suspecting him of having possession of the hand, Sarah breaks into Ellison's house and finds several tapes of her stay at Pescadero, one of which she steals, intending to destroy it. Upon returning home, Sarah finds John and Derek in a heated discussion about Cameron and asks the former to find Dr. Silberman's address. Derek insists that they get rid of Cameron, stating that she cannot be trusted. When Sarah realises that he's been in her room, looking through the weapons, she threatens to "bust his head" if he does it again.

The next morning, Cameron informs Sarah of her progress in locating Dmitri, telling her that she is close to finding him. Sarah makes pancakes for John and Derek, making Derek sit at the table with Cameron, and John simply gives her Silberman's address and leaves without another word. Sarah notices that the tape in her bag is missing and goes into John's room, finding it in his VCR. She plays the tape, which turns out to be a recording of her signing away her parental rights. Sarah tries several times to call John, but he ignores her every time, prompting her to ask Derek to get John to talk to her when he comes home from school.

Sarah 107.2

Sarah meets Silberman once again

Derek asks about Kyle, wanting to know where he was buried, and Sarah promises to take him there one day before setting off to Silberman's address. Upon arriving, Sarah finds Silberman about to leave with the Triple-8 hand and subsequently knocks him out with a single punch, accepting his apology for ever doubting her. Sarah recovers the hand and makes to leave, but hears Ellison calling for help from within Silberman's house, which the deranged psychologist set alight. Sarah saves Ellison's life and leaves before he can arrest her or make sense of the situation.

When she returns home, Sarah finds Cameron in the living room, who gives her the name of the man who purchased the Turk, stating that Dmitri and Maria are both dead. Sarah suspects her to be responsible, but Cameron simply says that they were not her mission, implying that she allowed them to be killed because she was neither ordered to protect them nor kill them herself. Sarah visits a sullen John, who is resentful towards her signing away her parental rights. Sarah reminds him of the date on the tape, June 8, 1997, the date she broke out of Pescadero. When he and the T-800 came for her, she was coming for him.

They both promise to never give up on each other and reconcile, destroying the Triple-8 hand together.


Sarah 108.1

Sarah sneaks up on a cop

"He gained her trust. Made her think he was human. Then killed her."
- Sarah Connor. ("Vick's Chip")

Sarah calls the current owner of the Turk, a man named Margos Sarkissian, but her calls go ignored and she accidently lets the roast burn in the oven. As she tries to salvage the meal, Derek enters the kitchen and shows them all the T-888 chip, having found it in Cameron's room. He accuses her of treachery, but Sarah is uncertain, given that she had previously made her promise to destroy every last bolt of the Triple-8. Though upon John's insistence, she allows them to hack into the chip for information, discovering that the machine was assigned to protect Barbara Chamberlain (who was designing a traffic light system called ARTIE) under the guise as her husband; Vick Chamberlain.

Sarah and Derek break into Barbara's house, finding it empty and devoid of habitation for many days. They search the house thoroughly, but the Triple-8 had already taken Barbara's computer and files. At home, John's hacking of the chip reveals the death of who they assume to be Barbara, prompting Sarah to seek out her body. Upon finding it though, they discover that she is in fact someone else, a lobbyist called Jessica Peck who was being paid to oppose the ARTIE program. Cameron explains that ARTIE could become the "nervous system" of Skynet, and John suggests they try to kill it with a computer virus.

Sarah 108.2

Sarah threatens Derek

Sarah and Derek stake out city hall, which is heavily guarded 24/7, though Derek reveals his knowledge of the underground tunnels beneath the building, having hidden there with Kyle after Judgment Day. With the virus ready, and the suspicions surrounding Cameron abolished, Sarah and Derek break into city hall and upload the virus, which fails its task, forcing them to run from security. Sarah has Derek lead the cops past her location, allowing her to sneak up on them from behind and incapacitate them both. Derek almost shoots one of them, but Sarah stops him, noticing a murderous look in his eyes.

Back at home, John and Cameron reveal their plan to insert her chip into the ARTIE system so that she can kill it directly, and Sarah looks on as John removes Cameron's CPU, staying with her inert body as Derek takes John to a traffic light. With the system terminated and Sarkissian replying to her call, Sarah deduces that Derek did in fact kill Andy Goode, and confronts him about this, threatening to kill him if her lies to her again.


Sarah 109.1

Sarah, Derek, and Cameron

"This is our life. If we stop caring about that, then we're lost."
- Sarah Connor. ("What He Beheld")

As per their arrangement, Sarah and Cameron book a table at the "Wi-Fi" internet cafe and wait for Sarkissian to arrive. He doesn't turn up, however, choosing to speak to them through a computer and demands $50,000 for the Turk. At home, Sarah gathers their money and diamond stash, but they have little over $30,000 in total, prompting Cameron to suggest they negotiate the price. Sarah and Derek take what they have to the meeting place, an ATM in a food court, but Sarkissian stands them up again and they return home to avoid the cops.

Upon returning, however, they find Sarkissian sitting in their living room. Sarah repeats her offer for the Turk, but Sarkissian refuses, demanding $2,000,000 in exchange for him not alerting the authorities of her location. Derek threatens to kill him unless he complies to their demands, but Sarkissian reveals that he has a man watching John and Cameron, prompting Sarah to talk Derek down. Sarkissian gives them 24 hours to deliver the money before leaving, and Sarah orders Derek to follow him.

John and Cameron later return from their school trip, showing her the body of Sarkissian's thug, whom Cameron killed. Derek returns, having lost Sarkissian's trail, and the thug's cell phone rings. Sarah has Cameron use her voice impersonation ability to answer it, the caller being Sarkissian. With little choice left, Sarah suggests they move out immediately, much to John's displeasure. Before they can make any choices, however, Carlos' lookout arrives and leads them to Sarkissian's hideout, the "Wi-Fi" cafe.

Sarah 109.2

Sarah assaults the cafe owner

Sarah, Cameron, John, and Derek storm the place, chasing Sarkissian into a panic room where he locks himself in. Cameron smashes through the wall, however, forcing him to flee through a secret passage. Sarah spots Sarkissian capturing John and dragging him out into the alley, where she confronts the mobster, initiating a stand-off between the two. Derek arrives also, holding the cafe owner's daughter hostage, and shoots Sarkissian in the head with pin-point accuracy. Sarah embraces John, who is visibly shook up by the situation, not least of all Derek's ruthlessness.

The next day, Sarah surprises John by banishing his belief that she forgot his birthday and reveals that she sent Cameron to get a cake. John starts to shut down his computer, having spent most of the day hacking Sarkissian's hard drive, but discovers the mobster's passport, revealing the real Sarkissian. Suddenly, an explosion is heard outside and Sarah gets to her feet, clearly concerned.


  • Sarah is very protective of her son, to the point that she will readily abandon her fiance and leave everything behind upon a feeling of impending danger.
  • Despite Cameron being an extremely dangerous assassin, Sarah often treats her like the badly behaved teenager she resembles; shouting, shoving, and even slapping her around when she performs acts that are otherwise callous and cold in humans.
  • Sarah is notably more laid back and less reserved than she appeared in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, most likely due her having the opportunity to ease up over the past two years, especially around John.
  • Sarah's relationship with Cameron steadily gets worse with each passing episode, her resentment and technophobia becoming apparent. They do, however, share moments of pseudo-mother-daughter bonding, most notably during "Gnothi Seauton" and "The Turk", though this spirals in the latter episodes.
  • Sarah is described as having "murder in her eyes all the time" but has never actually killed anybody. Her "purity of heart", as Derek puts it, is what keeps her from shedding her humanity in the desperate fight for her son.
  • Though she was initially very protective of Derek upon discovering his family ties to Kyle, Sarah is shown to be antagonised by his demeanour and presence, even threatening to kill him if he so much as lies to her again.
  • Sarah appears to have a chronic condition wherein she has a tendency to confuse similar objects as the same. For example: John asks her to get him a pair of red-handled needle-nose pliers, which she attests she did, only to discover that she bought him a blue-handled pair without realising. She makes a similar mistake in "Samson & Delilah", wherein she chooses a wrong-sized screwdriver to remove Cameron's shock dampener.

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