Cameron Sarah

Sarah and Cameron

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Cameron in Sarah's dream

"You all put back together, Tin Man?"
- Sarah Connor.

Sarah and Cameron's relationship is defined by their mutual desire to protect John.

Season One

"You don't know me! And you don't know my son!"
- Sarah Connor.

Sarah’s treatment of Cameron is similar to her behavior towards the T-800 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. She is, at first, indifferent about Cameron, and does not see her as anything more than a machine. Due to Cameron’s small stature and seemingly innocent appearance, Sarah feels somewhat superior to her and does not hesitate in displaying her authority, both verbally and physically. Sarah often berates Cameron for her callous actions, such as the murder of Enrique, after which she slaps Cameron across the face with her gun. Since then Sarah has tried to teach Cameron the value of human life. In "Dungeons & Dragons" Sarah threatens to destroy Cameron if she so much as touches Charley Dixon. She also resents John’s growing attachment to Cameron, which she sees as unhealthy.

Despite Sarah’s derogative treatment of her, Cameron has tried many times to befriend Sarah, but her own merciless actions keep them at a distance. Sarah does, however, display a pseudo-mother-daughter relationship with Cameron at home and often calls her “Tin-Miss” in reference to the Wizard Of Oz, but still views her as a machine when in dangerous situations and is willing to abandon Cameron in order to get John to safety.

Season Two

"What do you do with a guard dog you can't trust?"
- Sarah Connor.

Sarah is distraught when Cameron begins hunting John and immediately suggests her destruction. When John disables Cameron, Sarah warns him that everything she said was a lie and reminds John that machines cannot feel love. Interestingly, Sarah is quick to forgive Cameron for what she did, despite the fact that Cameron tortured her. Sarah appears to still be wary of Cameron, referring to her as a "guard dog you can't trust", and later likens Cameron to a landmine.

When Cameron shows her glitchy side, Sarah has trouble determining whether or not she is a threat and is repeatedly thrown by Cameron's occasional displays of human behavior. In "Complications" Sarah expresses her concern through several dreams that Cameron will one day replace her as John's protector, which couples with an earlier statement wherein she told Cameron; "I don't like the way he responds to you."

Her concerns intensify during a series of hallucinagenic dreams wherein Cameron starts wearing Sarah's clothes and makes John better pancakes at home, as well as walking around in front of him in her underwear (a call back to "The Turk"). During her monologue, Sarah likens Cameron to a Succubus, an evil she-demon known for raping men in their sleep and stealing their children.

Sarah later becomes convinced that Cameron can no longer be trusted, especially after the death of Riley, which Sarah believes is Cameron's fault. Her distrust of Cameron intensifies further when she discovers her secret stash of endoskeleton parts, after which she confronts John about him protecting her secret. Sarah strongly considered terminating Cameron with Derek's sniper rifle, but decided against it as she knew that John would never forgive her if she did. When asked how "bad" she would've felt about it, Cameron assumed "very bad", to which Sarah answered "not at all".


  • Sarah remains cautiously neutral in relation to Cameron, trusting John's judgment over Derek's vindications.
  • Being that she is the only other person who knows about her cancer situation, Sarah often turns to Cameron for assurance and help in dealing with this matter.
  • When John brings his new friend Riley home, Sarah shares a look of mutual distrust with Cameron towards the girl.
  • Despite the mutual distrust and antagonism between the two, Sarah and Cameron often find themselves working together when fighting other Terminators.
  • Curiously, when John makes a quip about Cameron being made to do the laundry; Sarah takes the laundry basket from Cameron with a friendly smile and dumps it on John instead.

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