SCC 101 security trust of los angeles

The bank building.

SCC 101 1963

Cornerstone of bank

SCC 101 bank security camera

The bank robbery.

SCC 101 time machine bubble

The time displacement equipment in the vault.

The Security Trust of Los Angeles was a bank located in Los Angeles in the 20th century. The bank was founded in 1963, and was blown up by time displacement equipment during a bank holdup in 1999.

A Resistance agent, referred to by Cameron Phillips as "The Engineer," secured employment in 1963 at the bank. While working there, he hid the components of an isotope-fueled weapon and built a time-displacement transporter within its vault. It is also suggested that he may also be the owner of the bank.

Cameron Phillips was sent back in time by the future John Connor to help protect the younger Sarah and John Connor. Because Sarah was fated to die of cancer, Cameron went to the bank to access a time travel machine to jump them forward to 2007 so that she would have enough time to live to prevent the birth of Skynet. Rather than just access the vault, Cameron initiated a bank holdup on September 10, 1999. This attracted the attention of the FBI and Cromartie, a T-888 focused on killing John Connor.

John, Sarah, and Cameron locked themselves in the vault and assembled the futuristic weapon and the time displacement equipment. Cromartie proceeded to ignore a SWAT team and started using his fists to pummel the entrance to the bank vault. Just as Cromartie broke through the bank vault entrance, Cameron activated the time machine. Cromartie's head was blown off by the weapon, and traveled through time with Cameron and the Connors.

The bank was destroyed by the activation of the time displacement field, and as of 2007 its site was a part of Interstate 105. The rubble from the bank, including Cromartie's endoskeleton, was sold to a junkyard.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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