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Dr. Serena Kogan is a geneticist employed by Cyberdyne Systems Genetics Division and later a Hybrid Human collaborator working with Skynet.


Before Judgment Day

In 2003, Serena was dying of terminal cancer. While working for Cyberdyne, she was head of Project Angel, which sought to use cybernetics to prolong and save human lives. This project used the bodies of executed prisoners who had donated their bodies to medical research. One of these subjects was Marcus Wright, who Serena approached multiple times to attempt to get him to give his consent. She received it the day of his execution in exchange for a kiss. Terminator Salvation

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After Thomas Parnell was executed and preserved in cryohibernation, Kogan ask the female Terminator about how the future was. She was told that the human waged the war against the machines but the machines managed to restored the world, which was beautiful after the war. She commented that the Terminator lied well. Kogan then went into cryohibernation before her cancer could killed her. Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #09

War against the Machines

After Judgment Day, her research was used by Skynet to turn human into cyborgs, one of which is Marcus, who was used as a Prototype Infiltrator. When Marcus was in the Skynet Central, Serena's image was pulled from his mind and used to communicate with him by Skynet itself. Terminator Salvation

At a certain point, she was converted into a T-H Hybrid Human while what's left of her original body was still inside a cryohibernation capsule. Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #01

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Post War

After finding the Terminator who killed John, John brought the Machine to the Time Door. Serena used Kate Connor's voice, since she did not have any John's voice sample, to assign its mission priority before sending it back to 2004.

At a certain point, Serena helped John Connor by creating an outer sheath based on his original human appearance with living tissue. In addition, by using the DNA sample of John, Serena was able to make the Connors have their second child, Sarah. Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #12


  • According to Skynet when communicating with Marcus, Serena Kogan's face is the easiest for him to process (or recall from past memories).
  • Serena's appearance in the comic adaptation is much healthier than her appearance in the beginning of the film, while her appearance in The Final Battle is based on one of her early concept art for the film.
  • Serena was portrayed as the secondary antagonist of Terminator Salvation.

Behind the Scenes

  • Tilda Swinton was originally considered for the character, but Bonham Carter replaced her before filming. She accepted the part because her boyfriend, Tim Burton, is a Terminator fan.[1]
  • In the deleted scenes of Terminator Salvation, Serena was the main antagonist of the film and a Hybrid who actually in control of Skynet Central. She is also the one who restores Marcus' living tissue and has conversation with him instead of Skynet as depicted in the film.[1] Though the scene is completed shooting, this idea was dropped in subsequent re-writes.



Concept arts
Terminator Salvation film


[Serena meets with Marcus Wright for the last time before his pending execution]
Serena: Marcus... How are you?
Marcus: Ask me in an hour.
[Serena sits down on a stool]
Serena: I wanted to try one last time.
Marcus: You should've stayed in San Francisco, Dr. Kogan.
Serena: You have a chance to be part of something wonderful. Through my research, you can have a second chance to live again.
Marcus: What makes you think I want a second chance? My brother and two cops are dead because of me... Ah, but I'm not the only one with a death sentence, am I? You think I can cure your cancer, Serena?
Serena: I'm not worried about myself. I'm worried about the future of the human race.
Marcus: I'll sell it to you.
Serena: For what?
Marcus: A kiss. [Serena nods, Marcus kisses her] So that's what death tastes like.
[Marcus signs the consent form and Serena leaves the cell]
Serena: You've done a very noble thing today, Marcus.
Marcus: I'm guilty. Just cut me up until there's nothing left.


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