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The T-600

The Cyberdyne Systems Series 600 Terminator, or T-600, is a Terminator series mass-produced by Skynet starting in 2016.[1] The Series 600 Terminators serve as early Infiltrators featuring titanium alloy endoskeletons which were sometimes covered in rubber skin.[2] As a result of their rubber skin covering, Resistance fighters could easily spot the T-600s in the field.

Another variant, the T-680 was a more humanoid version of the original T-600, these units had latex rubber skin that was easily spotted by the resistance. The 680 Series entered service around 2022 (2016 in the Original Timeline).[citation needed]

Original version


The T-600 from The Terminator: Future Shock

In the original and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles timelines, the Series 600 has been established as a human sized Infiltrator that heralded Skynet's shift from the use of Non-Humanoid Hunter Killers to the Humanoid Hunter Killer Unit that would become known as a Terminator. "Dungeons & Dragons"

They were mass-produced humanoid battle units manufactured by Skynet from the original designs and test models constructed by Cyberdyne Systems Corporation. Standing almost six feet tall and weighing almost 800 lbs, the T-600's endoskeleton is very powerful and can lift objects almost five times its own weight or punch through concrete and metal with no damage to its reinforced servos. The T-600 Series is capable of running at a constant speed of almost 60 km/h (37 mp/h), with short bursts of up to 75 km/h (46 mp/h). However, these bursts of speed tax the servos and the joints of the leg assemblies.

Due to the lack of technological advancement at the time of their conception and the nature of Skynet's logic, the Series 600 Terminator is fabricated with a smooth latex rubber skin to hide its mechanics rather than the living tissue that would be used by the successor Series 800 Terminator. This fact makes the Series 600 Terminators easy to recognize and thus disable. However, the rubber skin was certainly effective in cases of limited visibility.

The Series 600 were the Infiltrators that triggered the design of the Series 700 Terminator which evolved into the Series 800 Terminator.

Evolution of design

Essentially the Series 600 Terminator can be considered a streamlined and lightweight version of the Series 500 Terminator, with improvements to its CPU and a complete redesign of the head to allow for a near human look and working jaw. This design carried over to the successors of the unit, such as Series 800.[3] This was probably because the human-like endoskeleton made it easier for the living flesh covering of later Terminators to actually look like there was actually a human skeleton beneath, unlike with previous, bulkier models which might make the covering bulge or droop in improbable places.

Terminator Salvation

In Terminator Salvation timeline, the Series 600 concept has been revised into a hulking behemoth in excess of 7'3"-tall[4] and usually armed with a minigun. However, it is still based on the human skeleton. This does not necessarily preclude an infiltration role as there would likely be variants of the T-600 for different functions, which would naturally be made in appropriate sizes. Also, a seven to eight feet tall Terminator mocked-up as a human would only need to disguise itself well enough to get within firing range of a human camp, as it is very difficult to judge size from a distance.[citation needed]

Additionally, the rubber skin is less durable to the weathering, making it easily peeled off. Thus, the inner structure will be exposed, sometimes it even rusts.



The T-600 has three modes of operation: direct, automatic, and autonomous. The Terminator Salvation T-600 can be directed by Skynet defense computers like soldiers in a war game, it can react automatically to a wide variety of preprogrammed conditions, or the individual units can be relinquished to their own control and act independently for months on end, combing the ruins on extended search and destroy missions. The T-600 is usually seen armed with a (presumably) Skynet-upgraded variant of the modern-day M-134 minigun. The minigun seems to be not hardwired and mounted onto the T-600's arm. Some of the Series 600 Terminators, such as the T-600 in Los Angeles, have equipped grenade launcher on the left arms. In some occasions, the T-600 would carry other weapon such as F-2000 instead of a minigun. Though not accurate, the minigun delivers a lot of fire power as seen when a T-600 is in pursuit of Marcus and Kyle. T-600s have been known to play dead to lure humans into a false sense of security and then attack.[5] It will also shoot off its own limbs if it becomes trapped.[6]


John Connor notes that the Series 600 Terminator is a primitive design. It's bulky and slow and the shoulder joints and the back are vulnerable to gun fire. Also, the motor functions are susceptible and can be momentarily impaired by a knife attack to the targeting system in the back of the neck. The series 600 is easily detectable due to its size and lack of covering over its mechanics.

As a result of these shortcomings, Skynet superseded the Series 600 Terminator with the faster, and sleeker Terminator known as the T-800, which featured living tissue over its metal endoskeleton and a hyperalloy combat chassis. However, the Series 600 Terminator may still be encountered providing fire-support for the Series 800 Terminators.


Due to the general fluidity of timelines when time travel becomes involved, the chronology differs between the various Terminator storylines.

For example, in the original timeline of The Terminator, Skynet was activated in 1997, where as in the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Terminator Salvation timeline, the Judgment Day was delayed due to which activation of Skynet was moved to post-2000 period (such as 2004 or 2011), albeit with a compressed rate of Terminator development. Thus, the difference between the T-600 in the original timeline, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the Terminator Salvation could be a result of the alternation of the timeline.

Behind the Scenes


The revised T-600 for Terminator Salvation unveiled on San Diego ComicCon 2008.

  • The T-600 from Terminator Salvation is designed by Stan Winston.
  • The T-600 from Terminator Salvation timeline is at least 8 ft tall and bigger, grimier and nastier than before.
    • This does not contradict the confirmed Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles appearance of rubber-skinned Series 600 Terminators, since this can be a result of the change of the timeline.
    • As described for Terminator Salvation, this other "tank-ish" version has far more in common with the T-70 previously established.

Known units



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Legacy Effects

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Kyle Reese: The 600 series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy, but these are new. They look human — sweat, bad breath, everything. Very hard to spot. I had to wait till he moved on you before I could zero him.
The Terminator
John: That's coltan; if that's what you're made of, no wonder you're so dense.
Cameron: Not density, heat resistance. T-600 models had a titanium alloy endoskeleton, but it was vulnerable to heat. Coltan alloys have a much higher melting point.
"Heavy Metal"


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