Some Terminator series can enter a standby mode which allows them to conserve power. These Terminators can exit standby mode after a 15-second reboot.

Terminators sometimes enter standby mode after successful completion of their mission.[1]


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Several Terminators have entered standby mode, and later rebooted:

  • Carter rebooted from standby mode when the mercenary shoved him over. Interestingly, Carter displayed the autonomic response to catch himself on his fists before the eyes indicated a return to full function. Later, Carter rebooted from standby again when Cameron attacked him. "Heavy Metal"

Terminator Salvation

The Harvester on board the Transport seems to enter standby mode after capturing Kyle Reese and Star. Terminator Salvation



John: It's like he's frozen.
Sarah: He's frozen?
John: Yeah, when the door shut, it's like he went to sleep or something.
Cameron: Standby. He completed his mission. He powered down to standby mode until he's moved or triggered awake.
Sarah: Triggered?
John: The door. That put him into standby.
Cameron: 15 seconds. That's the reboot time.
Season One, "Heavy Metal"


  1. Dialogue in "Heavy Metal"

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