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The term "T-1000" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see T-1000 (disambiguation).

T-1000 002

The Prototype T-1000

"T-1000, advanced prototype. A mimetic poly-alloy. Liquid metal."
-T-800, about the T-1000
"T-1000, liquid metal shapechanger. It just needs to touch something to mimic it."
-Sarah Connor, about the T-1000

The T-1000 Advanced Prototype[1] is a Terminator series produced by Skynet in 2029. The 1000 Series[2] Terminator is fully autonomous,[3] and unlike previous Infiltrator models that used rubber skin — and then finally living tissue over a metallic endoskeleton, the T-1000 is entirely made of a liquid metal called "mimetic polyalloy", meaning it can reform into any shape it touches of the approximate size, thus calling it a "shape-changer". It can impersonate other people as well as morph its arms into blades.



A T-1000 features a liquid molecular brain gathered by mimetic polyalloy. The molecular brain grants the T-1000 advanced reasoning capabilities, emotions such as humor, and even self-awareness.[3] As a result, a T-1000 can make its own decisions contrary to that of Skynet.[4] In order to protect itself from its own creation, Skynet did not mass produce the T-1000.[3]Later, Skynet discontinued T-1000 for this reason.[5][3]


One of the fundamental prime directives of the T-1000 was "recovery of essence" as the more it lost, the less effective it became. The default command in the mimetic polyalloy's molecular memory was to find the main mass and rejoin it. Each molecule had a range of 14 km. If a piece of mimetic polyalloy was out of range from the main body of superfluid, it could mimic something locally as camouflage (for example, a rock or a piece of pipe) until the T-1000 came back into range again and detected it. [3] The T-1000 is able to use a small part of its body as a tracking device.[6]


Glitch of a T-1000 unit


As this trait was encoded at a very basic level, this emergency camouflage programming would manifest itself as a malfunction or glitch when a T-1000 was critically damaged. The T-1000 that fought with Sarah Connor displayed this glitch in the steel mill. Having been frozen and shattered, the T-1000 began to mimic floor coverings and other objects it came into physical contact with due to its molecules undergoing self-preservation. [3]


Due to its liquid metal construction, the T-1000 is capable of extensive regeneration from being hit by bullets..

Separating the parts of a T-1000 was not enough to stop it from regenerating as the individual pieces would seek each other out and re-form to become a complete, fully functional battle unit again over short distances. The smaller the volume of particles, the less intelligent each piece became.[citation needed] Combined, the T-1000 was incredibly capable; however, when in pieces, it merely tried to get back to the whole again.


The T-1000 Infiltrators, as with other mimetic polyalloy equipped units,[7] are initially deployed with an individualized default humanoid shape, which it remains in for most of its active service. It is thought that this form was kept as it was more energy efficient than mimicking others and reduced the stress caused to its ability to molecularly expand when it mimicked more obese subjects. Due to the conservation of mass, when the T-1000 mimicked a human subject of greater volume than its default form, its density decreased. It therefore compensated for illogical mass constitutions for the subject it replicated. For example, the T-1000 may have had to step down more heavily to give the appearance of a greater mass.


The T-1000's auditory sensors could be situated anywhere upon its body.[3]

Environment Analysis

The T-1000 can use its body to register its environment in many ways, can directly read magnetically-encoded information, and can run at a speed of at least 40 mph.[8]

Combat abilities

The T-1000 was not issued with any weapons, but was capable of fashioning any solid metal form such as knives and other stabbing weapons. The T-1000 could not form any complex systems which may have had moving parts or chemicals like guns or explosives. However, the T-1000 was capable of concealing and carrying weapons inside itself.[9][10] In order to form a weapon from a limb, the T-1000 had to convert that particular section to a liquid metal state before reconfiguring it while keeping the rest of its body in a solid metal state. In conjunction with the flexibility given by its form, the T-1000 series has demonstrated a superior repertoire of Martial Arts abilities programmed into its subroutines, making it more capable than the T-800 series in close combat.

The T-1000 could also convert a limb into a blade and throw it like a javelin at an enemy in some situations, with sufficient force to impale a T-800 and knock it backwards at least a few dozen feet.[6]



The T-1001 before selecting a physical template

The mimetic polyalloy construction of the T-1000 allows it to replicate any object or person of similar volume that it molecularly sampled by physical contact. It appears the T-1000 could use a medium to do this without actually touching the subject's skin. Composed entirely of mimetic polyalloy, the T-1000 Terminator is a metallic mass, thus making it electrically conductive. However, unlike endoskeleton-based Terminators, the T-1000 can withstand a high-voltage charge without being knocked offline. Catherine Weaver demonstrated this ability by impaling the Water Delivery Guy with one hand and stabbing the other into a circuit breaker box, allowing the current to flow freely through her to terminate her victim.[11] Likewise, the T-1000 Terminator is unable to generate body heat and is cool to the touch just as any ordinary metal.[12] The T-1000, having the ability to be liquid or solid, can enhance its speed and its strength especially when in its natural state. The polyalloy could also be utilized by a T-1000 battle unit to repair damaged machines and restore them to operational capability or to track a fleeing target.

Additional function

The T-1001[13] and T-XA are able to separate parts of its body to act as independent units. In addition, a T-XA is able to control humans by injecting their nervous system with small amounts of itself.

T-1000 units can also deploy a small drip of mimetic polyalloy from their bodies to reactivate machines. The T-1000 was able to reactivate the damaged T-800 with a single drop of its mimetic polyalloy so it could assist him in combat by attacking Kyle Reese.


See also: Mimetic polyalloy

Extreme temperature

Clip atr of t-1000 torso

The T-1000's that had been met in battle were notoriously difficult to destroy, even feared invincible by some Resistance members. This highly resilient battle unit was able to withstand a wide variety of temperatures ranging up to at least 300 degrees Celsius.

Extremely low temperatures of -196 degrees Celsius (such as those produced by liquid nitrogen) could freeze a T-1000. Shattering a frozen T-1000 will cause it suffer from glitches as its self-preservation protocols kick in to compensate for heavy damage, but will be insufficient to destroy it.

Upon contacting flame, the impersonation or camouflage can be temporarily disabled, possibly due to the intense heat.[14][15]

Temperatures in excess of 1535 degrees Celsius, such as those required to smelt iron, could physically alter the bonding of the mimetic polyalloy then mix with the elements of the alloy, physically altering its molecular structure, thus permanently rendering it inoperative.

Corrosive reagent


The T-1000 is being destroyed by acid.

Corrosives,[16][17] such as concentrated hydrochloric acid were also known to damage T-1000's and could even destroy the unit if prolonged exposure could be achieved. The Resistance also hypothesized that when it hardened its structure to make weapons or enter combat, the T-1000's molecular structure became brittle. This then made it vulnerable to a concussive shock wave.



The T-1002's structure is destroyed by T-X.

The T-1000 battle unit T-1002 was unable to withstand a direct hit from the plasma cannon of the T-X. [18] This may be due to the advanced nature of the plasma used in the T-X's weapon, as T-1000s are capable of withstanding phased plasma attacks without permanent damage.[citation needed]


Immersive saturation attack is able to keep T-1000 from reforming.[19][20]

Ballistic momentum


The T-1000 after being shot with a grenade.

As a T-1000 is completely made of liquid metal, it is relatively soft compared to an endoskeleton-based Terminator such as a T-800, which is composed of solid material. Thus, the T-1000 have less shock-absorbing ability to counter the momentum of a bullet as ballistic penetration can hydrostatically traumatise the T-1000 for a few seconds.

The T-1000 also has difficulty keeping its weight balance if its shape is heavily deformed such as getting shot in the head with a shotgun, or hit by a grenade in the torso. In such cases, the T-1000 will be temporarily disabled.

Energy consumption

The T-1000 consumes a lot of energy whenever it changes outside of its natural state.[3]

The T-1000 can also last a long time while infiltrating. A T-1000 sent back in 1973 remained active until its termination in 1984. During its battle in 1984, it showed no signs of aging or glitches, unlike the T-800 sent back in 1973 developed glitches due to aging.[6]


The moled kit

The machine used to "mold" and create a T-1000.(Allegedly)

The T-1000 Terminator was constructed deep within Skynet's main complex. Within a large heavily guarded room, the mimetic polyalloy was poured into a massive machine press that fills floor to ceiling. Feeder pipes emerging from the walls and centering on the press like a hub poured the mimetic polyalloy between two 20-ton plates. These plates were then hydraulically pressed together and met, forming the indentation of a man. The mimetic polyalloy then filled this indentation and solidified, setting its default molecular structure.[3]

The T-1000 was constructed using a new technology developed by Skynet. Each molecule of the T-1000 was a primitive miniaturized version of the total machine. Every molecule had the blueprints programmed into them for all the necessary parts required for construction of the whole T-1000. [3]



See also: T-1001

Beyond the capabilities of the standard T-1000, the T-1001 could morph into a roughly slug/snake-like silver metallic form capable of moving at high speeds through air vents, performing high jumps, and swimming by propelling itself through water.[21]

Rather than automatically seeking out the primary mass, the detached parts of the T-1001 could operate independently, demonstrated by Weaver keeping a part of herself separate in the form of a pet eel.[11] This element was kept separate as a security key required for operation of the T-1001's time displacement equipment.[22]

The T-1001 was extremely adept at terminating multiple fleeing targets with deadly efficiency. It chased down a dozen employees in a secret warehouse, extending blades to at least 10ft to impale the escaping workers. The T-1001 could extend a blade and retract it again with amazing speed, suggesting a remarkable level of control over the structure of its design.[23]

At least one unit possessed more advanced interpersonal skills than other Terminator units.


See also: T-1002

The T-1002 Terminator is able to develop stabbing weapons all across its body, even transform into a weapon of its body size, which shows that it has greater control over the structure of its design then its predecessor.[18]


Main article: T-1000000


Main article: T-XA

Known units

See also: List of T-1000 Terminators


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  • The novel series Terminator 2: The New John Connor Chronicles is by far the only Terminator fiction mentioned that a T-1000 Terminator is able to be reprogrammed.
  • It's worth noting that the T-1000 Terminator is cool to touch as mentioned in the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles episode "Desert Cantos". What's interesting is that the machine is cool to the touch even when it's active — which may suggest either its power source is well heat-proofed, or its power source and general activity may not be generating any heat.
  • It is explained in the novelization of Terminator 2: Judgment Day and the text commentary from Terminator 2: Judgment Day DVD Extreme Edition, the T-1000 is wrapped in a cocoon made of living tissue that will allow an inorganic such as the T-1000, which is completely made of mimetic polyalloy, to travel via Time Displacement Equipment.
    • However, this would contradict the events shown at the end of "Born to Run".
    • Van Ling, creative supervisor of Terminator 2: Judgment Day suggests that in addition to the living tissue cocoon, another theory is that T-1000 could mimic the field generated by a living organism, or Kyle Reese really does not know much technology stuff.


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