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A T-1000000

The T-1000000, also referred to as the T-Meg, was a gigantic spider-like Non-Humanoid Hunter Killer entirely made of mimetic polyalloy as the T-1000. It defended Skynet's central core from attack.

The T-1000000 is apparently not capable of mimicking subjects as the Series 1000 Terminator can, but instead metamorphosises from an apparently solid part of Skynet's central core to a default arachnid configuration capable of forming stabbing, slashing weapons from each of its eight legs.

Two T-1000000 units have been sighted. In the movie T2 3-D: Battle Across Time, one particular unit was destroyed along with Skynet's computer core at the hands of a T-800. The 2nd made a brief cameo in the background in the comic "Warchild", while its fate, along with the future of this Terminator series remains unknown.




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