T-70 (Front view)

T-70 (Front)

The Cyberdyne Series 70 Automated Fighting Infantry Unit "The Terminator"[1] (also known as Cyberdyne Systems Series 70 Autonomous Infantry Unit[2]), or simply T-70, was the first Terminator with a humanoid form. It is a tall and basic Terminator model designed as a basic foot soldier.

The T-70 was used by Cyberdyne Systems to impress investors and people with military interests to finance them to improve robot technology.

The basic technology on this model was later used by Skynet on T-400 through T-900.


In the beginning of the war against man, Skynet only had a few prototypes of T-70 and decided not to use these precious models on the battlefield. The T-70 itself was used to guard important facilities. By the time Skynet was able to put the T-70 in mass production, most of the technology was outdated, so T-70s were never used very much as a warrior.[citation needed]

Technical data

  • Series: 70
  • Name: T-70
  • Type: Autonomous Infantry Unit
  • Production date: Prior to 2004
  • Produced by: Cyberdyne Systems
  • Height: 8 feet
  • Width: 4 feet
  • Intelligence: Primitive. Could be controlled or set to autonomous mode. No learning mode.
  • Camouflage: None.
  • Durability: Unknown.
  • Material: Industrial-strength metals.
  • Weaponry: Specially made high-velocity gatling gun. Could be modified to use a light plasma weapon.
  • Weaknesses: Because of its lack of skin, large size, and primitive CPU, the T-70 was easy to spot and take down.


  • The Series 70 unit shares several physical appearance the Series 800 Terminator possibly because it may be reverse engineered from the wreckage of the T-800.




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