This T-800 should not be confused with the other one, which has been destroyed. For a list of other meanings, see T-800 (disambiguation).

Shortly following the incident of Cyberdyne Systems Headquarters by Sarah Connor and John Connor, a T-800 similar to the one that was sent to protect John Connor was sent back in time. It was under orders to bring John to the future in order to launch an attack on Skynet itself.

After saving John from a T-1000, it brings him into the future into the final battle between Skynet and the Resistance. The Terminator and John are again chased by the T-1000, but the Terminator shot the T-1000 in the head, stopping its pursuit.

After losing the T-1000, an HK-Aerial pursues them, but it loses them when they hide inside a derelict building; nonetheless, it deploys several HK-Flying Mini Hunters to track them, but the Terminator destroys them all. A Series 800 endoskeleton shortly following bursts into the building and aims for John, but the Terminator decapitates it using the remains of one of the mini Hunters. Taking the T-800's Phase Plasma Rifle, the Terminator and John head towards Skynet in an attempt to destroy the central processor.

After infiltrating Skynet, John and the Terminator meet with a T-1000000. As John returns to the present, the Terminator destroys Skynet and the T-1000000.