The term "T-850" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see T-850 (disambiguation).

The Cyber Research Systems Model 101 Series 850 Terminator was a Infiltrator utilized by Skynet in 2032. It was captured by a Resistance Team in 2032 in the remains of a junk yard during a long search for a suitable Infiltrator that could be reprogrammed for use on a special mission for John Connor and Kate Connor. During its capture it seriously injured Alexa, a Resistance Lieutenant who commanded the mission before being disabled.

When reactivated at a Resistance Base in Venice, the T-850 was able to overcome the restraints and terminated the lead researcher on the project to reprogram it. It was powered down once again and portions of its body structure removed to prevent it from regaining mobility. A group of Resistance officers then began the long task of reprogramming the unit. Its program offered significant resistance and for several times, it was proposed that the project be scrapped and a new unit be recovered despite the heavy losses already taken.

During one of its training lessons, the T-850 watched as Alexa died in the arms of her husband, a Resistance soldier named Jonah. This, coupled with the training it had received, brought the Terminator onto the side of the Resistance.

When an HK-Aerial and an HK-Drone found the Resistance Base, the Terminator assisted the humans in combat against the machines. It was able to restore the Drone, but took significant damage in the process.

It was decided to scrap the project due to the severe damage inflicted against the T-850 in combat despite its success. As Jonah and the Resistance Lieutenant assigned to reprogram the unit shut it down, they were informed by another soldier that Unit 6 had recovered another Terminator and it was being delivered to the base.


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